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Sunday, 30 June 2013


This is by far my favourite blush I have ever touched, used, everything hahaa....

Firstly, it is of a Orange colour rather the pink that is being shown above, and because of my crappy phone picture quality is does not do this blush any justice so please check out the Nars website for better quality pics.(http://uk.spacenk.com/Blush/MUK101030288,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_MUK101030288_color=UK101030288&start=5&cgid=Nars%20Cosme)

The blush also has good longevity as it stays on for quite a long time and you get 4.8g for £21.50 which is quite a bit as it will probably last a long time. It is matte which I prefer as you can apply highlighter above if you desire. It is also quite pigmented so a light hand would be wise when applying.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this blush and can see myself purchasing more of Nars' blushes. Thank you for reading and please hit 'FOLLOW' if you enjoyed reading! xx



Just no. A BIG FAT NO!

Why? You may ask...Well, my dear readers, it is because it simply does not work and leaves your teeth uber sensitive and just in complete pain you have to go to sleep just to avoid the pain. I'm not even exaggerating people, t'is the truth.

I ordered just the one satchet off of ebay for £3.50 because they are quite pricey otherwise and within the satchet are two clear plastic sheets to apply over your teeth, one for your top set and one for the lower set.

Along with this, I also received a sheet with instructions and frequently asked questions from people and upon the sheet it stated, 15 mins use for gentle routine for stains, 30 mins for vivid whitening for vivid stains and 2 hours for Intensive Professional Whitening.

Like a hero, I only went and decided to leave the strips on for 2 hours and when I took them off, they looked slightly brighter but not whiter and left my teeth extremely sensitive and painful which for that reason alone, I will not be purchasing the actual kit and be looking for other alternatives.

Thank you for reading and click 'FOLLOW' if you enjoyed reading. Toodles!



Ok, so now that the Sun is shining on us on this warm afternoon, what more than a beautiful highlight swept above the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose and above the cupid's bow to create that stunning, natural, dewy look.

Today the three highlighters that shall be discussed are:

  1. MAC's Strobecream
  2. Topshop's 'Glow' Highlighter
  3. Sleek's 'Face Contour and Highlighter' Duo

1.) Mac's Strobecream £22.50 (left side of my hand) is a pinky coloured highlighter which when blended into the skin gives a lovely sheen upon the face. It can be used before application of your foundation or after applying your foundation on certain areas of the face, such as top of your cheekbones and above the bridge of your nose. Another amazing part of this highlighter is it can also be mixed with your foundation for a luminous look. My personal opinion is it is best suited for combination (more to drier side of skin) or dry skin.

2. Topshop's 'Glow' Highlighter £9.00 (middle swatch on my hand) is a gold highlighter and for those who wish for a more obvious highlight as it is very pigmented. It blends very easily as it is of a whipped texture so it is very soft and again leaves a very luminous look.

3.) Sleek's 'Face Contour and Highlight' Duo £6.49 (third swatch on my hand above) is a very hyped product which many of us beauty junkies all have. The highlighter is very natural looking and it is in a powdered form so for those with more oilier skin will maybe prefer. This is also a goldy' finish on the skin and for £6.49 you can't really go wrong!

Overall, they are all such beautiful highlighters, however my favourite would be Topshop's Glow Highlighter as it is very pigmented and blends very well. Thank you for reading and please hit 'FOLLOW' if you enjoyed reading. :)

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