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Sunday, 30 June 2013


Just no. A BIG FAT NO!

Why? You may ask...Well, my dear readers, it is because it simply does not work and leaves your teeth uber sensitive and just in complete pain you have to go to sleep just to avoid the pain. I'm not even exaggerating people, t'is the truth.

I ordered just the one satchet off of ebay for £3.50 because they are quite pricey otherwise and within the satchet are two clear plastic sheets to apply over your teeth, one for your top set and one for the lower set.

Along with this, I also received a sheet with instructions and frequently asked questions from people and upon the sheet it stated, 15 mins use for gentle routine for stains, 30 mins for vivid whitening for vivid stains and 2 hours for Intensive Professional Whitening.

Like a hero, I only went and decided to leave the strips on for 2 hours and when I took them off, they looked slightly brighter but not whiter and left my teeth extremely sensitive and painful which for that reason alone, I will not be purchasing the actual kit and be looking for other alternatives.

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