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Saturday, 27 December 2014

GRWM- Neutral Glam Work Edition!

Lip details: KiKO lipliner in '311'

Nyx lipgloss in 'natural'.

P.S apologies for the music being too loud, didn;t realise and will try to sound more enthusiastic for future videos :)

Friday, 19 December 2014

Emma Hardie v. Coconut Oil

There's no denying the beauty that is the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm, it's luxurious, feels amazing on the skin and is multi purpose; either as a cleanser or a mask.

The only issue is the price point. It is £34 for a 100ml tub and can last up to 6 months (well my last tub did, anyway) which isn't that bad, if you think about it. But I know a lot of people, including me, who have a million of other things in their life which are more important to be spending their money on. Or quite possibly cannot fork out £34 every time their cleanser finishes.

However, the main reason I love this cleanser is how easily it melts make up, especially waterproof mascara which is my main gripe when removing make up (a.k.a why I prefer to wear fake lashes these days ha)!

So when I found myself not being able to afford the Emma Hardie cleanser a while back, I found myself reaching towards Coconut oil to remove my make up and even applying the oil as a moisturiser during the evenings. Not only does it remove waterproof mascara, albeit having to spend a tad longer when actually gently rubbing your eyelashes than when using the Emma Hardie Cleanser which literally removes it after one cleanse, it more or less does the exact same job.

So, if the Emma Hardie Cleanser isn't in your price range at the moment, I would definitely recommend using Coconut Oil as an alternative :)

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Cocktail Cosmetics in Birmingham!

Every once in a while, the Makeup Gods listen to our prayers, open wide the gates of Makeup heaven and allow us junkies to experience, first hand all things which we may have had to only been able to order online, for instance, cosmetics including Limecrime, Nyx, Violet Voss, Sigma etc.

Well, wait no more, in Birmingham, Custard Factory, to be precise, is a quaint, cute shop called 'Cocktail cosmetics' which holds all the above cosmetics and more, they've even now started to stock 'Saucebox' cosmetics and I am itching to visit again.

My first visit was on my birthday, which was Monday 1st December but since it is closed on Mondays and Sundays I went on the Tuesday and I was literally having a field day LOL! I was picking up everything, swatching everything and generally going insane!

One of the things I love is how sanitary everything is; at every counter, whether it be Nyx, Limecrime, Sigma etc, there are wipes and hand sanitizer gels which is important because you don't want to be swatching items and there being a mess all on your hands and everywhere else.

Below are some pictures I took of how it is inside and what I also bought as well :) P.s. After your fifth purchase you get a cheeky 20% off so get spending!


 Here are the purchases I made on the day :)

I'll also be doing in depth blog posts once I've tried some of the products as well as well as a haul video on my YouTube channel 'sakinahsays', so make sure you've subscribed because I have been spending quite a bit this month!!


Sunday, 30 November 2014

Why I Love the MUA - Matte Winter Forest Palette!

Around this time of the year, I like wearing cool, grey toned eye shadow looks to match the dreary weather outside. LOL *i jest*. But seriously, I feel it's a seasonal thing which a lot of us makeupaholics do, which is switch our make up around at certain times of the year. I feel it's all about slightly more coverage with our foundations, wearing darker lips and cool eye looks.

So since I didn't own any cool (how many times have I written 'cool' so far) palettes  I ordered this MUA palette & I have literally been using it everyday. Whenever I want to do a cool smokey eye or even a bright winged liner, I am always reaching for this palette. Not only does it blend like a dream, it is insanely pigmented which is something I always look for in make up as a whole.

I also find it to be a slight dupe for the Urban Decay Basics 2 Palette, especially for the cool toned eye shadows as this MUA palette is full of them. Likewise, one of the reasons I chose to purchase this was because I didn't want to splurge on the Urban Decay palette just yet since I wanted to see if a more cooler eye look was for me. But now I am actually obsessed with wearing a grey cool toned eye and this palette AND the most exciting part of this post is that it is only, ONLY £4 which is incredible!

All the colours blend very well as well, however I find the light beige colour under the orange doesn't show up that well on my skin tone and isn't as pigmented as the darker colours. But that is the only 'problem' with the palette, if I had to pick something, which isn't even a bother for me since I use the darker colours a lot more :)

Finally, Below are looks I have been wearing from this palette and swatches of the shades :)


Sunday, 23 November 2014

REVIEW: Rimmel Provocalips 16 HR Kiss Proof Lip Colour

Shade: 200 I'll Call You

So I recently picked up this lip duo after watching Amelia Liana rave about it in one of her videos. Not only was she selling it, I was obsessed with the cute packaging and immediately wanted to try it out.

If you haven't heard about this range, it is basically a lip gloss/lipstick on one end and a clear gel/gloss on the other which creates the 16 hour long hold.

Initially, on first application, it is very comfortable and easy to apply with great colour pay off. I thought I would test it out at work, where I work 9 hour shifts *insert crying face emoji* and thought to also see how it wears throughout my lunch break as well a.k.a where my lipstick usually smears all over my face, LOL.

After about 4 hours, I found it was still resting perfectly on my lips but had created an obvious line inside my lips, like where your lipstick usually feathers and felt quite drying. I topped it up just in the middle to disguise the obvious line and carried on. The colour was still opaque and bright as well at this point.

Similarly, after the 9 hours, the colour was still there albeit slightly dry looking and again with the obvious-inside-lip-thingy-line, which is my only gripe with this lippy. When I wear this again, I think it will be without the clear gloss on top as I'm quite happy topping my lipstick up during the day and especially since it is a beautiful shade, quite Kylie Jenner/ soar lipliner-esque. It is also a semi matte finish :)

Here are some swatches:

With flash


     Without flash                

Thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Todays Work Face :)

So for work today, I wanted to go for more of a smokier look and whenever I want to go for more of a smoky look, I always, ALWAYS reach for my Charlotte Tilbury eye quad in 'Dolce Vita', the perfect, no nonsense quad for everyone.
The one thing I love about Charlotte Tilbury's makeup line is you don't need to be a master of makeup application or any kind of expert. Everything is so easy and quick to use & I love that since I am always rushing in the mornings.
On my eyes I also added some black eyeshadow in 'corrupt' by Urban Decay and stuck on some lashes by Ardell.The gel eyeliner I used was also from Makeupforever.
My base included:
-Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (6.5)
-Mac Prolongwear Concealer in NC30
-Laura Mercier translucent powder
-Sleek contour kit
-MUA blush in 'cupcake'
-Kiko lipliner
-Mac lipstick in 'kinda sexy'
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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Eid Outfit + Make Up!!

 Oufit is by Asim Jofa- 'Luxury Eid Collection 2014-Chiffon Charmeuse Silk Collection' :)

Make Up Details: FACE: L'Oreal True Match 'W4' mixed with MakeUp Forever HD Foundation '128'
BLUSH: MUA, Sleek Contour Kit & Kiko Water eye shadow '208' as a highlighter.
EYES: Charlotte Tilbury 'Dolce Vita' Palette 
LIPS: Revlon 'Black Cherry' (what I applied for the evening) Make Up Store Lipstick (last pic) for the day time :)

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Running errands Outfit of the Day :)

Running errands is always a tedious task, but a task which always needs doing. I had to pop into town to return a couple of items, buy presents and look around for certain items, so I decided to wear black obviously but I actually need to stop wearing so much black- people are actually going to think I have no clothes! I wanted to look casual but still somewhat chic- effortless chic-if you would (calm down babes). Since I literally had 10 minutes to get changed which meant no makeup (sad face emoji- Dad was giving me a lift which means no time to faff) here is what I decided to wear :)

Head scarf-H&M
Flannel Shirt- Misguided
Black top- H&M
Jeans- Marks & Spencers
Shoes- Next
Bag- Urban Outfitters


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Catch Up & Recent Shenanigans-Makeovers etc :)

So I have been very bad recently with my Blog & YouTube in regards to not posting anything and I actually do not have any excuse. BUT, I aim to be blogging regularly from now on, either every other day, or every day if I can!

Now, I actually want to write about what I have been up to recently and majority of it includes make up LOL, I actually am in love with makeup, the way it transforms ones face, hides imperfections and in return accentuates certain features which ultimately provides for increased confidence within oneself. I find that whenever I'm bored or have some free time, I always find myself sitting at my desk, colouring my face (eyes actually-hardly ever my full face- too lazy to remove a full face-duhh :) I've even been applying make up on others but in no means am I a "make up artist", it is purely a hobby at the moment, also I think calling myself a "make up artist" is a disservice to actual make up artists since I am not legally qualified etc however I don't think you have to be qualified in regards to makeup artistry and depends on talent-in my opinion, not saying I'm talented LOL, anyway here's some pictures of people I've done makeup on and some that I've applied on my own eyeballs ha! *(You can also see most of my make up posts on my Instagram-sakinahsays )*

Classic makeup - Winged eye liner, gold lids and a red lip :)

Neutral makeup look on a friend for her graduation.

This is a look I created at night, I call it the Smokey Vamp look :)

Subtle smokey lash line, with a flawless base created by moi on a friend :)
 Iridescent purple/blue smokey eye created with Mac pigments :)
 Two party looks created by moi on friends :)
 One of my fave looks I created on myself, I exaggerated the line above my crease and on my lower lash line. I also added glitter from Illamasqua which I haven't used in the inner corners for an extra pop!
 Another fave look which actually took a lot longer to create as I have never done a cut crease look before but a look which I am actually quite proud of, practise makes perfect!
 My recent make up shenanigans was this fun, neutral look with a blue glitter in the corner to add a bit of jazz to the look coupled with a double inner point to add an Arabic feel to the overall look :)

And lastly, a subtle evening look for a party created by me on a lovely friend :)

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to ask, whether it's general questions or product details & don't forget to follow me on Twitter-Sakinner/ Instagram- sakinahsays.

Thank you for reading :)


Monday, 21 July 2014

Eid MakeUp Series 2-Ultra Glam Eid Makeup


FACE: Urban Decay 'De Slick' Setting Spray
MakeUp Forever foundation HD-N128
Mac Prolongwear Concealer-NW30
Real Techniques Beauty Blender
Laura Mercier Powder-Translucent
BarryM Bronzer-Natural Dazzle
Dior Blush-Pink Reviere
Autograph Highlighter-Golden Rose (purchase from Marks & Spencers)

EYEBROWS: Eyelure Brow Tame & Define Wax
BeautyUK Eyebrow palette-High Brow
Maybelline eye brow gel-Dark brown

EYES: Lorac Primer
Lorac Pro Palette
Sleek Matte Brights Palette
Urban Decay Pencil-Perversion
Make up Revolution-Awesome Metals Foil Finish-Rose Gold
Maybelline Eye Lasting Gel liner-Black
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara-Carbon Black
Ardell Demi Wispie Lashes

LIPS: L'Oreal lip liner-Honey
Mac Lipstick- Kinda Sexy
Charlotte Tilbury Lipgloss- Seduction


Friday, 18 July 2014

Drugstore BRIGHTS- lipstick version

After watching a 'lipstick tag' video on YouTube (nabiilabee's channel ),  and after her claiming that a lipstick from the ' Maybelline Colour Sensational ' line was a dupe for Mac's 'candy yum yum', I was itching to try it out and to see if it was in fact a dupe AND because of my recent obsession with bright pink lips.

Now, suffice to say, as the name suggests, they are extremely bright as well as pigmented. They also are nice and moisturising leaving your lips feeling as if you're wearing just a chapstick on. However, the packaging isn't the best and as sleek looking as it could have been but the product itself outweighs the packaging.

The colours I picked up are '910-Shocking Coral' and '902-Fuschia Flash'-(definitely a dupe!) and are definitely something I would rock for an event or occasion, or even if I'm feeling brave that particular day!

You can be even dab a slight amount on your lips, blend it with finger so a light wash of colour, if you find the colour too saturated.

So, what do you think, a dupe for Candy yum yum or nah?

Thank you for reading and please follow if you can :-)

Saturday, 28 June 2014

MakeUp Revolution Haul!

MakeUp Revolution is a brand that I had seen floating around Instagram and YouTube and were apparently very reasonably priced with excellent pigmentation and are kind of the sister brand to MUA, if your from the UK and can be found at your local Superdrug.

I had heard a lot of great things of this brand and since the price of these products ranges between £1-£4, yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, they are really that cheap! So, I thought why not try something out since they are cheap and cheerful and if I don't necessarily like something it's not as if I broke the bank whilst purchasing them.

Here's what I picked up:

A yellow lipstick, for a Celeb inspired video on my YouTube channel. It is nice and creamy and definitely yellow but could be more opaque, but for £1, it is amazing.

(Top) Golden Lights Highlighter and Peach Lights Highlighter. This is one of my favourite products from everything. SO rich, creamy and pigmented AND £3! They are both glittery and quite an obvious highlighter, which I like. I also really like the packaging, they're nice and big haha! Below are swatches.

This guys is an exact dupe for the Stila foil eyeshadows! It comes with an eye primer and a little dish to mix the foil and primer. It is so creamy and opaque and only £4! I chose the colour 'Rose Gold'.

Left: with the solution and Right: without the solution. So pigmented!

Guys, these are £1, I am still in shock because of how pigmented they are. I chose he shades 'Confront' (the pink shade) and 'Disguise' the khaki/greyish shade with gold flecks. They are both uber pigmented, however the pink a lot creamier and so, so cheap!

I purchased these products of www.makeuprevolution.com however you can also purchase them from Superdrug. 

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Lorac Pro Palette REVIEW!

 So I did a boo boo! I wasn't meant to be buying anymore makeup products, but the heart always wants what it can't have...or so they say! Now, I didn't intend to purchase this, I just sort of, stumbled across it on Ebay (I promise). I saw that it was retailing on Ebay for £35 when the original price of this is £60, so obviously it was around the half price mark. I don't even know, I just clicked 'Buy' and didn't really hesitate to buy the palette, I was just feeling spendy that day since if you know me in real life, you know how much I love eye shadows and I can hand on my heart say, the last time I bought an eye shadow was ageess ago, so it was justified, okay, please.

Anyway, the real story behind this is I only managed to spend £23 on this beauty since I had money saved on my PayPal account from my Depop selling ways (sakinahsays-*shameful plug*), so, yes, BARGAIN! In the swatches below, the colour payoff does not seem great at all, however, on the eyes, there is definite colour payoff with good pigmentation (not amazingly GREAT), perhaps because the shades are too similiar to my skintone, they didn't show up on my arm, however it does on my eyes, strange, I know!

Also, the packaging is nice and sophisticated, black and very slim so very easy to travel with, only negative I would say are that the pans of eye shadow themselves are quite small, however, I do appreciate the colour range as they are very neutral and wearable colours.

But, yes, long story short, here are the fancy pics I took :)

Also came with a handy mini primer.

Up close pictures :)

Thanks for reading and please follow if you can :)

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