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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Dupe for Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm?-Clinique 'Take the Day Off'' Balm

After I finished the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm, I was casually reading through my favourite blogs, and found that many bloggers had been reviewing the Clinique 'Take the Day off'' Balm, and that it was more or less, a dupe for the Emma Hardie Balm which I love.

So, I began looking for it everywhere online, but to no avail, so off I trotted to my local Selfridges and Boots store, and they both said, it was out of stock and was going to be discontinued. However, on the Boots website I signed up for the Clinique Balm and to be notified when it would come back in stock. a few days later, it came back in stock and I purchased it, and glad I did. 

In comparison to the Emma Hardie Balm, the Clinique Balm is less oily, cheaper- £21 as opposed to £34 for the Emma Hardie Balm and is 125 ml and the Emma Hardie Balm being 100ml. However, the Emma Hardie does feel more luxurious when applying on the face, however, what ever your budget, they do the same thing in terms of cleansing your face or removing your makeup.


Monday, 20 January 2014

Pixi Glow Tonic Review-Worth the Hype???

Yes, Yes, Yesss!!!

This product has been a salvation for my severely dry skin that I had back in December. It completely has got rid of all the dry skin I had and I now have combination-normal skin. (Slightly oily, but nothing that a good primer/powder can fix). The reason it has been able to do this is because it balances your PH balance, well, it has in my case, and for that I shout, "Hurrah!"

I purchased it from the 'Pixi' shop on Carnaby St in London, for £18. The only downside to this, is the packaging. The pump that's given, doesn't spray the product evenly on the cotton pad, rather, just in one section, which makes you use up more product then needed because your having to keep pumping out more product to fill the cotton pad, if that makes sense!

Otherwise, I am really enjoying using this. I only use it once a day, because I have slightly sensitive skin, but if you don't have sensitive skin, then you are able to use it twice day.


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The BEST concealer EVER!-Mac Prolongwear Concealer

Recently, this has been my 'go to' concealer that I choose to wear. It really is something else. Firstly, It is of a liquid consistency which when applied looks dewy but leaves a semi matte finish which doesn't appear cakey looking whatsoever. Most importantly, it does NOT CREASEE!!! Now, I only have the one crease under my left eye, which whenever I have used drug store concealers or even Mac's Studio Finish Concealer, they always accentuate or emphasise the lines under my eyes, which really isn't what I want in a concealer.

The concealer also, as the name suggests, has longevity throughout its wear. It has lasted up to 8 hours without disappearing and also does not cling to any dry skin around the eyes so I cannot praise this concealer enough.

However, the only problem I have with the concealer is its packaging. Yes, it has a pump so it is hygienic but it dispenses too much product whenever squeezed, so I'm always having to decant the remaining concealer in a little pot.

Ultimately, I am very glad I discovered this little gem and think it will definitely be a re purchase.

 Me without any concealer, as you can see I do have dark circles which I prefer to cover up. :)

After use of Mac Prolongwear concealer, my under circles are covered and this is also an unedited picture without flash :)

It is £15.50 (bit steep but well worth it) and can be bought here


Utimate Foundation for Dry Skin- Giorgio Armarni Luminous Silk Foundation

"Wow!", Is all I have to say for this foundation!

If you have read my previous 'Nars Sheer Glow Foundation' Review, you'll know how much I loved that foundation until recently (mid Autumn), it began clinging to my dry patches even though this foundation claims to be best suited for drier skin types.

So, off I trotted to Selfridges to find a new foundation to wear which wouldn't make me look like a dry mess. I had heard a lot of reviews about Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk from beauty bloggers such as Amelia Lily and thought I'd test it out.

The lady who applied the foundation was lovely and originally matched me to shade 8 which inside looked amazing, outside made me look like a different race! So, I went back another day and was matched to shade 6, which appeared a shade too light so I opted to purchase the shade 6.5 which I'm satisfied with.

What I love about this foundation is it comes in half shades, so .5 on all shades, if your in between two shades. It glides on effortlessly to the skin, blends like a dream, has a pump and doesn't have an overly perfumed scent. It's amazing!

I would however, steer clear of this foundation if you are oily otherwise you will look greasy, I think it is best suited to dry or combination skin types, if your of the latter skin type, wear a good primer and powder before.

It leaves a healthy and 'luminous' finish to the skin, is light to medium coverage and definitely buildable, in terms of coverage.

Here is how the foundation looks on with no filter and no primer underneath. (Please excuse my heavy eye makeup, I was off to an engagement party!). This is an unedited picture and without flash. As you can see across my eyebrow, top of my cheekbones and my chin, that it leaves a 'luminous' healthy glow, next time your around a Giorgio Armani make up stand, check it out!

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