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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Dupe for Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm?-Clinique 'Take the Day Off'' Balm

After I finished the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm, I was casually reading through my favourite blogs, and found that many bloggers had been reviewing the Clinique 'Take the Day off'' Balm, and that it was more or less, a dupe for the Emma Hardie Balm which I love.

So, I began looking for it everywhere online, but to no avail, so off I trotted to my local Selfridges and Boots store, and they both said, it was out of stock and was going to be discontinued. However, on the Boots website I signed up for the Clinique Balm and to be notified when it would come back in stock. a few days later, it came back in stock and I purchased it, and glad I did. 

In comparison to the Emma Hardie Balm, the Clinique Balm is less oily, cheaper- £21 as opposed to £34 for the Emma Hardie Balm and is 125 ml and the Emma Hardie Balm being 100ml. However, the Emma Hardie does feel more luxurious when applying on the face, however, what ever your budget, they do the same thing in terms of cleansing your face or removing your makeup.


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