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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The BEST concealer EVER!-Mac Prolongwear Concealer

Recently, this has been my 'go to' concealer that I choose to wear. It really is something else. Firstly, It is of a liquid consistency which when applied looks dewy but leaves a semi matte finish which doesn't appear cakey looking whatsoever. Most importantly, it does NOT CREASEE!!! Now, I only have the one crease under my left eye, which whenever I have used drug store concealers or even Mac's Studio Finish Concealer, they always accentuate or emphasise the lines under my eyes, which really isn't what I want in a concealer.

The concealer also, as the name suggests, has longevity throughout its wear. It has lasted up to 8 hours without disappearing and also does not cling to any dry skin around the eyes so I cannot praise this concealer enough.

However, the only problem I have with the concealer is its packaging. Yes, it has a pump so it is hygienic but it dispenses too much product whenever squeezed, so I'm always having to decant the remaining concealer in a little pot.

Ultimately, I am very glad I discovered this little gem and think it will definitely be a re purchase.

 Me without any concealer, as you can see I do have dark circles which I prefer to cover up. :)

After use of Mac Prolongwear concealer, my under circles are covered and this is also an unedited picture without flash :)

It is £15.50 (bit steep but well worth it) and can be bought here


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