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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Charlotte Tilbury makeover experience!

I am currently sitting at a bustop in Coventry on a sunny Thursday afternoon, and having officially finished University and having just paid a whopping £48 for overdue library books, I thought I'd make a start on this post.
On the 14th May (yesterday), I had an appointment with Charlotte Tilburys lead makeup artists for a makeover and to make some naughty purchases commorating the end of University (any excuse!)
I arrived at Selfridges at 2pm only to be told to wait around an hour because the lady booked me at 3pm in their official register, which I didn't mind. The lead makeup artist who was painting my face was called Manuel and was really nice. The whole experience was quite cathartic;  allowing someone else apppy makeup on me, which at the moment has been quite non existent, having not applied makeup in over two weeks!
I even spoke with the talented Charlotte Tilbury who insisted I choose the 'Dolce Vita' look rather than the 'Uptown girl' look. 'Dolce Vita', being a more dramatic look. Sadly, I was unable to take a picture with her as she went for a break and I left after my makeover.
However,  I found my foundation was a shade too dark, and with the 'magic cream' applied and the 'wonderglow' my skin did appear quite shiny soon after, even though I was assured this wouldn't occur. Also, I did end up removing my makeup because I found it too much during the day, however,  the look would have been great for an evening occasion or if your more confident than me!
Finally, I did leave with the 'seduction' lipgloss and the 'Dolce Vita', eye quad, so overall, it was a pleasant experience, and next time I should go with my gut instinct and speak up if something is not quite right.
My cheeky purchases! I cannot wait to play with the eye palette!

Manuel, Charlotte Tilbury's lead national makeup artist.

As you can see, my foundation was a shade darker than my actual skin colour.

*Pardon me being vain!* I loved the glowy look and it pictured really well, but it did appear quite greasy looking in real life, as I do have oily skin at the moment.

Thank you for reading ♡

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