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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Revitalift Magic Blur Review

Recently, I haven't been blogging at all because of University duties- exams, coursework, blah blah... But, now that I have officially finished University *hurraahhhh*, I am able to get my creative juices flowing and blog as much as I can, because I have really missed just sitting down and writing about things I love- Beauty and Skincare.

So, (apologies for the rambly intro), now onto the sorcery that is the 'Revitalift Magic Blur', which claims to 'instantly blurs lines, wrinkles & pores and targets the signs of ageing day after day. Look younger in seconds', however, I will have to stop you there and first inform you that this product *IS* aimed at women in the 40-60 age region, so whether you 'look younger in seconds' is something I cannot really prove, being a 21 year old and looking any younger would make me look like a teenager... which isn't a bad thing, of course!

Anyway, back onto the product, I actually love it, it's made me want to not wear any makeup as it leave my skin looking matte all day and does blur my pores which is a problem area for me. It has a mouse like texture and a pea sized amount is all you need. It is much more effective that 'Maybelline Baby Skin' and I would, hands down, say this product beats the Maybelline Pore refiner anyday! So, whether you want just generally healthier looking skin or wanting to make those 'no make up days' seem more bearable, I would definitely recommend picking this up next time your at Boots!

  It has a mouse like texture and easily absorbs into the skin within seconds.

It's clear to see that before my skin was quite shiny (moisturising due *I promise lol*) and after using the 'Revitalift Magic Blur' it is nice and matte which is my preference at the moment, so for obvious reasons I would highly recommend.

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Purchase from the following link :) --> http://www.feelunique.com/p/LOreal-Paris-Revitalift-Miracle-Blur-Finishing-Cream-30ml?utm_source=GoogleBaseUK&utm_medium=gen&option=46571&catargetid=1665049966&aff=mrn&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=&utm_campaign=Product+Listing+Ads+NEW&mkwid=BCXiC9nu_dc&pcrid=28149025749


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