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Friday, 27 June 2014

Lorac Pro Palette REVIEW!

 So I did a boo boo! I wasn't meant to be buying anymore makeup products, but the heart always wants what it can't have...or so they say! Now, I didn't intend to purchase this, I just sort of, stumbled across it on Ebay (I promise). I saw that it was retailing on Ebay for £35 when the original price of this is £60, so obviously it was around the half price mark. I don't even know, I just clicked 'Buy' and didn't really hesitate to buy the palette, I was just feeling spendy that day since if you know me in real life, you know how much I love eye shadows and I can hand on my heart say, the last time I bought an eye shadow was ageess ago, so it was justified, okay, please.

Anyway, the real story behind this is I only managed to spend £23 on this beauty since I had money saved on my PayPal account from my Depop selling ways (sakinahsays-*shameful plug*), so, yes, BARGAIN! In the swatches below, the colour payoff does not seem great at all, however, on the eyes, there is definite colour payoff with good pigmentation (not amazingly GREAT), perhaps because the shades are too similiar to my skintone, they didn't show up on my arm, however it does on my eyes, strange, I know!

Also, the packaging is nice and sophisticated, black and very slim so very easy to travel with, only negative I would say are that the pans of eye shadow themselves are quite small, however, I do appreciate the colour range as they are very neutral and wearable colours.

But, yes, long story short, here are the fancy pics I took :)

Also came with a handy mini primer.

Up close pictures :)

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