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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Catch Up & Recent Shenanigans-Makeovers etc :)

So I have been very bad recently with my Blog & YouTube in regards to not posting anything and I actually do not have any excuse. BUT, I aim to be blogging regularly from now on, either every other day, or every day if I can!

Now, I actually want to write about what I have been up to recently and majority of it includes make up LOL, I actually am in love with makeup, the way it transforms ones face, hides imperfections and in return accentuates certain features which ultimately provides for increased confidence within oneself. I find that whenever I'm bored or have some free time, I always find myself sitting at my desk, colouring my face (eyes actually-hardly ever my full face- too lazy to remove a full face-duhh :) I've even been applying make up on others but in no means am I a "make up artist", it is purely a hobby at the moment, also I think calling myself a "make up artist" is a disservice to actual make up artists since I am not legally qualified etc however I don't think you have to be qualified in regards to makeup artistry and depends on talent-in my opinion, not saying I'm talented LOL, anyway here's some pictures of people I've done makeup on and some that I've applied on my own eyeballs ha! *(You can also see most of my make up posts on my Instagram-sakinahsays )*

Classic makeup - Winged eye liner, gold lids and a red lip :)

Neutral makeup look on a friend for her graduation.

This is a look I created at night, I call it the Smokey Vamp look :)

Subtle smokey lash line, with a flawless base created by moi on a friend :)
 Iridescent purple/blue smokey eye created with Mac pigments :)
 Two party looks created by moi on friends :)
 One of my fave looks I created on myself, I exaggerated the line above my crease and on my lower lash line. I also added glitter from Illamasqua which I haven't used in the inner corners for an extra pop!
 Another fave look which actually took a lot longer to create as I have never done a cut crease look before but a look which I am actually quite proud of, practise makes perfect!
 My recent make up shenanigans was this fun, neutral look with a blue glitter in the corner to add a bit of jazz to the look coupled with a double inner point to add an Arabic feel to the overall look :)

And lastly, a subtle evening look for a party created by me on a lovely friend :)

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Thank you for reading :)

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