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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Why I Love the MUA - Matte Winter Forest Palette!

Around this time of the year, I like wearing cool, grey toned eye shadow looks to match the dreary weather outside. LOL *i jest*. But seriously, I feel it's a seasonal thing which a lot of us makeupaholics do, which is switch our make up around at certain times of the year. I feel it's all about slightly more coverage with our foundations, wearing darker lips and cool eye looks.

So since I didn't own any cool (how many times have I written 'cool' so far) palettes  I ordered this MUA palette & I have literally been using it everyday. Whenever I want to do a cool smokey eye or even a bright winged liner, I am always reaching for this palette. Not only does it blend like a dream, it is insanely pigmented which is something I always look for in make up as a whole.

I also find it to be a slight dupe for the Urban Decay Basics 2 Palette, especially for the cool toned eye shadows as this MUA palette is full of them. Likewise, one of the reasons I chose to purchase this was because I didn't want to splurge on the Urban Decay palette just yet since I wanted to see if a more cooler eye look was for me. But now I am actually obsessed with wearing a grey cool toned eye and this palette AND the most exciting part of this post is that it is only, ONLY £4 which is incredible!

All the colours blend very well as well, however I find the light beige colour under the orange doesn't show up that well on my skin tone and isn't as pigmented as the darker colours. But that is the only 'problem' with the palette, if I had to pick something, which isn't even a bother for me since I use the darker colours a lot more :)

Finally, Below are looks I have been wearing from this palette and swatches of the shades :)

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