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Monday, 9 March 2015

Limecrime Velvetine in 'Wicked'

YouTube and beauty bloggers made me do it! This was definitely a 'jumping on the bandwagon' purchase. After wearing a random deep burgundy lippy out one day, I found that it kind of looked alright on me and I've also discovered I  prefer wearing a deep red to a true red for some reason, if you care ha!

Anyway, back to the post, Limecrime Velvetine in 'Wicked' has become my 'go to' for occasions or whenever I wish to wear a deep burgundy. It's matte, long lasting, and one of those lippies that gets countless compliments. It's a hybrid of a lipstick and a lip gloss as its pigmented as a lipstick and the packaging is of a lip gloss since its application is that of a 'dauphut applicator' (I think that's how you spell it!).

However, as great as it looks on, it isn't the most comfortable of liquid lipsticks. After around 4 hours it definitely begins to feel dry, and wears off inside your bottom lip so you do have to re apply and it feels & looks fine after. It's obviously not as comfortable as a chapstick but more comfortable than the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer version of these (blogpost on these soon) and the matte ones that Sleek do which actually hurt my lips!

So, I would highly recommend these since I've been wearing these so often and if your from Birmingham you can get them from www.cocktailcosmetics.com or from their shop in Custard factory :)

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