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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Recent Videos -> 'Kim K Inspired Blue Smokey Eye' & GLITTER EYES & DEAD LIPS?!

Hey guys!!
How are you all?!

 I literally cannot believe how long it has been since I last sat down, and just wrote away. I finally have a day off with nothing to do, well I do have things to do but I just want to relaxxx. Working full time over Christmas is a killer! Annoying customers etc etc, so when I get a day off I love to just jump in my bed and do what I love, writing for my blog!

So I thought I would update my blog with my latest videos! So, first of is one of favorite videos I created, this burgundy smokey eye with a grey nude lip! It is so fall appropriate and just made me feel glamorous and I loovedd this glitter, it is defo a must have! I also love the quality of the video in terms of the clarity of the video quality. Since I do have a new camera, I am loving using it to film, take photos etc and having a good quality camera makes all the difference!

My second video is a Kim K inspired blue smokey eye! Ever since I saw the below image of Kimmy, I was obsessed. Mario, her makeup artist did a fantastic job, as he always does, he is amazing at colour and the natural glam look! So I thought I would attempt to recreate this look, let me know what you think, and please follow xxxx

Image result for mario dedivanovic blue smokey eye


Thursday, 17 September 2015


I succumbed, I gave in to the hype, I surrendered to the Beauty Gods.

But was it worth it?

 I literally feel as if this past month I have just been buying highlighters, when I didn't really need to, and I'm kind of off purchasing make up at the moment. I feel since Autumn is here I really want to get Autumn fashion ready, so I am looking for the perfect boots, layering pieces and chunky knits etc!

But onto the product in question, is the Jaclyn Hill highlighter worth it? In short, NO. On my tanned skin tone it just looks like a regular golden highlight, a similiar finish I achieve with the KIKO or Laura Geller highlighter. What I do love about the Becca highlighter is that it is SO pigmented. Literally one light stroke of this product on my brush picks up SO much product, which NONE of my other products which is why I am reaching to this more than the others, also because of the hype surrounding it I am still glad I picked it up because it is a coveted make up product at the moment.

However, I made the purchase for this highlighter because it was meant to be Limited Edition and I ALWAYS miss out on limited edition products. So when I discovered it was going to be a permanent part of Becca's make up line, admittedly, I was dissappointed.

My eager and hastened purchase lacked the allure I initially anticipated.

Above is a shot taken with flash and you can see the highlighter has a peach tone but on my skin it appears more gold. Watch my recent video below to see how it looks (and please subscribe :)

The packaging itself does not excite me either. If it had more of a peachy or rose gold outer I may have liked it a bit more. It may sound shallow that the product itself should be appealing but I'm sure a lot of us beauty junkies would agree!

In short, don't be in a hurry to purchase this. If you are of a similar colouring to me it WILL appear like a regular gold highlighter. And for £30ish it's not worth the hype this time. Hope this helps xxx



Thursday, 3 September 2015

Kiehl's Creamy Avacado Eye Cream- NOT AMAZING!

The consistency is just so weird, it doesn't glide under the eyes if your face is slightly damp so make sure your hands and face are super dry and then the consistency is 'creamy' as the name suggests.

P.S. this post has been sitting in my drafts since JUNEE!! I know I cannot believe I haven't written up this post and published it! I just had a message from one of my friends asking me if the Kiehl's creamy Avacado eye cream is worth it or not? And I was like, hmm, that reminds me, 'did I upload my review?' and obviously I didn't. Such a twat!

Image result for kiehl's creamy avocado eye cream

(Image from Huffington Post because I threw the pot away!)

So, onto my review! Is it worth it? YES AND NO. It's not immensely hydrating as the name suggests. I distinctly remember having next to eczema under my eyes, they were so dry and this eye cream did not help in the slightest. However, if you have normal to combination skin, you'll like this eye cream because you'll find it more hydrating than I did.

I personally did expect more from this product just because of the hype surrounding it, it didn't jump leaps and bounds for me as I initially had assumed, which is why I personally wouldn't recommend it. It isn't a thick consistency or a light texture, it's something in between. I personally prefer something a bit more thicker and which creates a firming or tightening feeling and which aids in fighting those wrinkles. This product pretty much did nothing for my under eyes, so try get a sample before you purchase.

I am currently testing another eye cream and on the search for the perfect under eye cream because these wrinkles seem to coming at me at full force!

Thank you for reading xxx

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Laura Geller 'Gilded Honey' V. Kiko '208' Water Eyeshadow!!

It seems the latest "Make up trend" and I type that in quotation marks because there seems be a new trend in make up everyday! BUT that's a good thing! There's no right or wrong way to apply make up. It all washes off anyway!

Now, I don't know about you but I am obsessed with the tops of one's cheekbones, bridge of the nose, above the cupid's bow of the perk of the lips to be gleaming, shining iridescently for all to see. I love the highlighted look! It allows your make up to not have that flat, one dimensional look and instead creates a beautiful canvas ready for any occasion.

The two highlighters in question, well one of them is an eye shadow; the KIKO water eye shadow in '208' which has the beautysphere going insane because its a dupe of so many high end or limited edition highlighters which are no longer available e.g. Estee Lauder 'Heat Wave' or Mac 'Whisper of Guilt.

The other highlighter is the Laura Geller highlighter in 'Gilded Honey' which looks very similiar as the KIKO shadow. The main purpose of this post is to decipher whether the above two photographed are essentially the same thing. And if so, to get the cheaper one, haha!!

Above are the swatches of both. To the left is the Laura Geller highlighter and the right is the KIKO shadow. Very VERY similiar and literally undetectable on the face. The Geller highlight is slightly a more red gold and the KIKO a slightly yellow gold. The texture is buttery soft and insanely pigmented. I am OBSESSED with both but they are both exactly the same on the skin. The Laura Geller highlighter is priced at £21.00 (purchase here) and KIKO shadow is £8.90 (purchase here)!

Which one do you own or prefer? 

Thursday, 20 August 2015


I have wanted to do a personal post for so long, like for over a year, and this is literally just me speaking from my heart. Please forgive my grammer etc because I am just writing whatever comes into my head so it's not going to be the most eloquent of reads... well, I'll try...

So, I am 22 years old and today is Tuesday 18th August, 2015, 4:07pm, why am I writing this as a diary extract, I don't know.

Starting from the beginning, I went to Coventry University to study English Literature and Law and I am so glad I am out of the eduction system. I found it stifling, suffocating and lonely, especially at University. My first year at University was amazing, from commuting everyday with my college friends and being in a new environment made a healthy change. However, because I was with my college friends in the first year, I hadn't gone out of my way to make new friends at University to be with on my lunch breaks etc as I was always with my college friends. So when my college friends decided to pursue another avenue other than University, I found myself isolated in the second and third year at University. Consequently, I found myself literally going to and from my classes and then home because I found there was no one for me to be comfortable with as everyone had paired themselves with someone or a group and because I found there was no one I could relate with. Dare I say it, a lot of brown people at University are extremely white washed and are desperate to run to be with the 'cool white crowd' they forget their own and will greet you one day and blank you the next day. Which resulted in me growing the fuck up, excuse my language but I really did. I'm not saying I only wanted to surround myself with brownies but it's good manners to acknowledge your own AND to not FORGET your own. Nonetheless, I kept pleasantries with everyone, don't get me wrong, I'm not a rude person. But a lot of people are. Remember that.

Fast forward two years, and I graduated, through tears of frustration and joy, I graduated Alhamdulilah. But I was tired and couldn't wait to graduate because I just wanted it over and done with. I didn't want to see the people I had to see day in and day out and after I got my certificate, I cried in the back seat of my Dad's car thinking 'what the fuck was my University experience...it was absolutely shit!', but I pushed my tears aside because I didn't want my family to see my crying like an idiot but I was just quiet the entire day.

Your probably thinking, 'Why didn't you join clubs, make friends, persevere?' , but I did all that but to no avail. Everyone around me and certain individuals were so fake and it was all a pretence and this was my initial step into adulthood; doing everything yourself being independent and not relying on 'friends' for help. Now, this may seem pessimistic but I am merely being realistic. Not everything is all fairy lights and pretty, and adult life is far from it. What's more is I loved learning what I did during University, my modules were interesting (mostly) and I 100% believe education not only enriches your mind, but your soul and encourages and motivates the self and without learning what I did at University I wouldn't be the woman I am, currently, now.  Wow, I haven't written (or typed) in such a long time, feels good ha!

Now that University is long gone (in my eyes, thank God), when I completed University, I had literally, no clue as to what to do, where to start and I actually got my first EVER job at the age of 21 after 6 months of finishing University, in retail- 'Selfridges- Fragrance /Men's Grooming Consultant'. I know your probably thinking RETAIL?? YOU WENT TO UNI FOR RETAIL?? But I needed the money and when student loans stopped and my grants etc I was a broke ass #realtalk. I even remember a rude girl at my graduation telling me to not settle in retail as 'advice' and I was like 'bishh..where's your job???'. A job is a job folks, they don't teach you that in University. If you are studying a degree which follows a linear path i.e. a science degree where you have placement/ work experience, then that's great. But I'm talking about those of us who didn't know which path to take.It is hard to find a job straight away, VERY HARD.

"But persevere, because it will happen and remember where you are now does not indicate where you will be."

So, I worked during Christmas and found myself a voluntary job/experience as a "Health and Beauty Writer" for "DesiBlitz.com" (Check it out, tres cool!) since I want to become a Beauty Journalist. One of my recommendations would be to find out what you want to do, or if not that, the area of expertise you want to work for, and get a job there. For example, since I would like to become a Beauty Journalist, (Inshallah- god willing) I write on my Beauty Blog, do YouTube videos, work in Beauty retail and write as a Beauty writer as well as pray and try to be as positive as I can.

I am in no means where I want to be but I know how hard it is and I have wanted to write down my feelings about this topic just because there is just so much to say. 

Now, onto life currently, I have been offered two jobs, one on a premium Brand and other a more theatrical brand because of my hard work and the opportunities I created myself.

 Opportunities don't just find themselves in front of you, you make your own opportunities.

Instead of lamenting, 'I don't know what I'm doing!?', figure out what you want to do, there has to be something,or volunteer so you find out what you DON'T want to do and create your own opportunities. I still need to do this. But I know this. Life isn't handed to you on a silver platter, so pick up that frikkin fork and knife and delve into the world; this vast and plentiful world full of enriching endeavours for you to find yourself upon to nourish your self, life and those around you. 

Just start your journey and don't stop until you find yourself happy or at least content. 

Kendall Jenner X Estee Lauder 'Restless' Lipstick MAKEUP TUTORIAL!

Check out my most recent make up tutorial featuring my Kendall Jenner x Estee Lauder lipstick!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Kendall Jenner for Estee Lauder Limited Edition Lipstick!

Orange is the new red.

I have been searching high and low for the past few months for the perfect 'orangey red' lipstick shade. I don't really like a true red on myself and find it looks very 'done up' on me, which is why I only one red lipstick, 'Ruby Woo' by Mac, FYI.

I sought to looking at higher end lipsticks because I know this shade wouldn't be used all the time and most likely for an occasion or when I feel fency haha!

So I tried Tom Ford's lipstick in 'Flame', which is a lovely, creamy consistency and despite being a matte texture, was so comfortable on my lips and suited my tanned skin tone. But at £38.00 I couldn't justify purchasing it but I still love the shade (maybe a future purchase).

I also tried Charlotte Tilbury's lipstick in '1995' from her recent 'Norman Parkinson' collection which you can see in my recent Vlog on my YouTube (watch here). I loved this shade and I had a few compliments as well but it still wasn't 'the one' haha!

SO when Estee Lauder launched their Kendall Jenner lipstick which again, is an 'orangey red' hue I was dying to try it out and constantly checking up on my local Estee Lauder counter to see whether it had arrived in store to try on. Alas, it arrived and I immediately purchased after trying it on as it was definitely more orange than red which is what I wanted.

Onto the lipstick itself, as predicted it is highly pigmented, creamy and a comfortable matte. It is part of Estee Lauder's new 'Pure Envy' range of lipsticks which are insanely comfortable on the lips. This lipstick makes my not so whiter than white teeth look white which is an added bonus. The lipstick is priced at £25.00 since it is a limited edition shade and is highly on trend at the moment as well. I just wish it came out earlier so I could have worn it throughout summer and not just the last month of summer!

Needless to say, I love the lipstick and you all need to purchase it!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Additions to my Skincare Routine! Vichy Serum + GlamGlow Mask!

I am loving both of these products! The Vichy 'Aqualia Thermal' serum was entirely due to Sali Hughes stating this was her favourite serum. She is my career idol, if that's such a thing. She writes for The Guardian in the beauty column and she is amazing. Anyway, back to the products!

The Vichy serum is lightweight, absorbs easily and is fantastic for dehydrated skin which is the reason why I purchased this. In my YouTube videos (search sakinahsays :P ) I am always complaining about my dry, dehydrated skin and I needed something to fix my skin. Needless to say, this serum is amazing, my skin isn't as parched as it was before and I am already near to finishing the bottle. NOTE: this serum is fragranced so do a patch test before you purchase etc. My only critique of this is that it is quite a small product but it does last a while.

Purchase here: http://ow.ly/QzRFU

My second skincare obsession is the Glamglow SuperMud Clearing Treatment Mask! I purchased this with the 35% Asos discount they had going on a while back because this is quite expensive priced at £45.00. So I decided to purchase this as the whole world has been raving about this and because this product claims to be great for under skin white heads which is something I suffer from.
Again, I have been loving this as it does help to clarify my skin, help to smooth the texture of my skin and keep my skin clean and clear.

This product does have  fragrance to it and after application it does leave a warm, tingly sensation on the skin which can be quite bothersome if you do have sensitive skin. But try to test it out before purchase if you can. As a result, I am keen to try out some other products from the Glamglow range.

Purchase here (on sale at the moment!): http://ow.ly/QzW0w 


Monday, 20 July 2015

REVIEW + SWATCHES OF NEW ABH 'Shadow Couture- World Couture' Palette!

Ever since I saw this palette on Instagram, I wanted it! The mix of pinky nudes and a vibrant blue, yellow and purple, i thought this could be my new 'it'palette!

I stalked sephora.com and even added it to my cart but decided against it because of shipping, taxes yadda yadda and then THEN cultbeauty.com stocked the palette the following few days and with FREE SHIPPING i had to get the beaut! I ordered it on the Thursday and received it the next day! I am OBSESSED!

As you probably guessed wth Anastasia Beverley Hills, the eye shadow quality is amazing, they blend like a dream and it comes with a double ended blending brush, all at the price of £24, which is INSANE!


Sunday, 7 June 2015

Neutral Smokey Eye with a pop of Glitter + a Purple Lip!

List of Products Used:

  • Loreal True Match Foundation
  • Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer
  • Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Palette
  • Autograph Highlighter in 'Golden Rose'
  • Max Factor Blush

  • Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade in 'Ebony'
  • Loreal Brow Gel

  • Essence eye primer
  • Make Up Geek shadows: Creme Brulee, Cocoa Bear, Urban Decay shadow in 'Blackout' and Lorac Pro 'cream' shadow from the palette
  • NYC liquid liner
  • 141 Eyelure lashes
  • Duo lash glue
  • Illamasqua pigment in 'Fervent'

  • MUA Luxe Lip Lacquer in 'Kooky' (wouldn't recommend these, highly sticky and crumble after 5 hours of wear, but this shade is amazing!)

Current Full Coverage Foundation Routine!

Woo I'm back! I don't know why I haven't been blogging and I am quite ashamed of myself. I really want to push myself in writing more on my blog because I do love beauty and writing and now that I am writing this, I have to do it, so I am promising, PROMISING, to write everyday on my blog because I keep saying I will do it but I don't, so we shall do this!!!

Now, onto the post itself, whenever I have an occasion or when I have to go to work (boringg), I always prefer to wear a medium to full coverage foundation. I feel it looks professional, makes you look put together and obviously helps create the illusion of great skin! Although I do love my tinted moisturisers on 'no make up days', but that's a whole other blog post!

I recently took advantage of an offer www.FeelUnique.com, had going on where one could purchase a 20% voucher for £10 and subsequently use the voucher on any item of their choice from the website. I decided to opt for the 'DiorSkin Forever-Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Make Up FPS 25 SPF' Foundation in the shade '031-Sand'. This foundation maintains:

"A new generation of fusional wear, fluid foundation. Its ultra-sensorial texture, bursting with made-to-measure perfecting skin care ingredients, melts into the skin for an absolutely perfect complexion that lasts all day long. The foundation blends seamlessly with the skin for a smoother, more even complexion day after day."

I absolutely agree the foundation melts into the skin seamlessly, and does last a good 5-7 hours on my skin before trying to run off my face however, it just does not have the WOW factor that I desire in a foundation. It smells lovely which is a bonus and it does look good but not great, which is why I have been mixing a pump of my Make Up Forever High Definition Foundation in 'N127' and together look incredible.

I truly love the finish this combination of foundations have on my skin and I get compliments whenever I wear this duo. If you have either of these foundations, do have a go or even try mixing foundations which you don't love as much with ones you do personally love. Not only will you have created a new foundation for yourself it will be your own exclusive foundation which no one will have! (Unless you tell people, of course)

I hope you enjoyed this, and tell me what your favourite foundations are at the moment!


Monday, 18 May 2015




Friday, 15 May 2015

Dear 'Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer', I'm Just Not That Into You?!

In short, no. But hear me out.

Despite the unreal hype surrounding this concealer over the past years, I just didn't want to try this concealer because of my beloved Mac ProLongwear Concealer (check review here) which has served me so faithfully over the years but has left me wanting to see if anything trumps it. Which leads me onto the concealer in question. I thought I would try out this concealer despite being way behind the Nars concealer bandwagon but I am so disappointed! 

The first time I tried it, it collected ever so slightly under my left eye which I just put down to my under eye not being hydrated enough. So I upped my doseage of religiously applying my eye cream, mornings and evenings ensuring no dryness or flakiness, but to no avail. 

I am still using this concealer because I bought it and want to finish it off haha, but it settles into all my fine lines which are barely there in the first place which is another reason I am not liking it at all! I still prefer my Mac Prolongwear to this, the only part of this concealer I appreciate is the coverage which is meduim to full coverage. Also, the shade I chose which is 'Custard', which is a lovely brightening yellow colour which I prefer for under my eye concealer.

But that is all guys. I wouldn't recommend it, but if your interested, you can purchase the concealer from here.

Thank you for reading, but what are your thoughts? Do you love or loathe? :)

April / Mid May Favourites!

Hey guys, I filmed my April/ Mid May favourites which consist of all the make up, skincare and fashion pieces I've been enjoying the past few weeks!

Hope you enjoy!


Friday, 8 May 2015


The most important step in your skincare routine is and should be your SPF. Not only will you be preventing yourself from pre wrinkles, dark spots and harmful UV Sunrays which in the worst case scenario could be the result of cancer cells to develop, you'll just be protecting your skin and look younger for longer!

I have always looked for an SPF which I could use on my face as I knew of the importance of wearing SPF but didn't want to use a thick sunscreen which left a white cast on my face. As well as this, I always felt that the sunscreens for the body was too thick to apply on the face. Also, if I am being totally honest, I always knew of how amazing the 'Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily Defence SPF 50' one in question was but I just didn't want to splash £31.00 for one. However, I thought if we can spend more than this on a pair of shoes or a bag why can't we spend this on our faces which is going to be with us a lot longer than the bag or shoes are?!

Which is why I caved and just bought the damn thing! And another myth to banish is only white people need to use SPF! Girl no, no matter what shade of skin you have we are all susceptible to harmful rays which can be detrimental to ones skin and health if not protected. So get applying your SPF!

The Kiehl's SPF is non greasy, leaves a semi matte finish and is not sticky and undetectable under ones foundation and I just feel safe wearing it. It is recommended the correct way to apply one's SPF is by applying the sunscreen 20 minutes before leaving the house and then every 20 minutes once your outside in the sun. Obviously, if you wear foundation, your not going to take your foundation off very 20 minutes to apply your SPF! But, I do believe wearing SPF as opposed to not wearing it will do more good than bad.

I did used to wear the MAC Face Visage in SPF 50 (review here) which also mattified your face but I felt this stopped working after a while. I do believe I went through two bottles of this, so I would also recommend this product if interested. It is also cheaper costing £24.00 for 30ml but you do get double the amount of product in the Kiehls SPF which is 60ml.

To purchase the Kiehls SPF click here :)

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Anastasia Pomade in 'Ebony'.

Silky, creamy and just DIVINE.

The Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade in the shade 'Ebony', has been my go to product from the minute it was delivered to my doorstep and whereupon I hastily proceeded to adorn the waxy and waterproof substance upon my eyebrows which left my eyebrows looking as best as they have done in a very long time.

I initially purchased this brow product from cult beauty which had a deal on at the time (can't remember what it was, woops!) & they usually do have deals on Anastasia Beverley Hills products so I would wait till they place a good offer.

But on the product itself, it is great for drawing your eyebrows, even drawing strokes of "fake hair", LOL, and best off all it stays put as it is waterproof. It is a versatile product as it can be used as an eyeshadow base as well, I have seen MUA's do this, but I have yet to try this.

It's still going as I have been using it for a while and I have barely made a dent in the product and a little goes alongg way. Literally, tap your slanted brush into the product, rather than wipe because it is so opaque and you can quickly go from a natural, everyday brow to a full on Instagram/ Scouse brow real quick!

So, I definitely recommend this and you can purchase from here :)

Here is my go to eye brow look and the finish I prefer. I like showing slight gaps in my eyebrows because otherwise it can look obvious, which isn't a look I like during the day time. The pomade literally glides on the brow creating sleek and smooth lines for the brows. 

Here I have used more product which has created a more full on brow. This is the finish I usually go for during evening events or to balance a more defined eye look.

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Favourite LUXURY & DRUGSTORE Eyeshadow Palettes!

Above are my most used eye shadow palettes. As you can tell, I love my neutral shades and I feel most comfortable sporting a wearable smokey eye. I do have the odd turquoise shade going on in the above image and I will be filming a wearable way of how I wear a turquoise eye shadow in a forthcoming tutorial. ;)

First and foremost, my most favourite palette is the Charlotte Tillbury, 'Dolce Vita' Palette. It has a shimmery cream shade for the brow bone, a stunning burnt red shade with golden flecks running throughout as a transition shade, a medium brown shade with a subtle golden shimmer to deepen the crease. As well as a BEAUTIFUL golden glitter shade to 'pop' ( actual name of the shade) your entire eye look. For a demonstration click here :)

My beloved Lorac Pro Palette is a favourite with a full in depth blog post along with swatches here :) I love this palette because the shades are not overtly pigmented meaning you can just wack it on your eye without thinking you've slapped too much on. What I'm trying to say is, it is a fail safe eye shadow palette to use, blends out fairly easy along with beautiful, wearable shades. My favourite shades are the 'white' and 'pewter', which is a dupe for Mac 'Satin Taupe' eye shadow. All the shades correspond well with the others, so you can do a blown out smokey eye with this palette alone which is pretty awesome. 

The first ever high end palette I ever received was the original Naked palette from Urban Decay. It was a gift from a lovely friend of mine for my birthday and I was obsessed with the shade 'buck', which you can see below. I used the shade for my eyebrows which looking back now was wayy to light for my eyebrows! I love all the shades and I have worn all the shades besides the last two, 'creep' & 'gunmetal'. Urban Decay's eye shadows are one of the best out there, way ahead of Mac and other brands. They blend so easily and my favourite shades are, 'virgin', 'buck', 'smog' and 'half baked'.

My cheapest palettes are the 'Au Naturale' Sleek palette and the MUA 'winter forest' matte collection palette with a full review here. The MUA palette is one of the most pigmented eye shadow palettes I own and stand next to Urban Decay in terms of the pigmentation. SOO pigmented, way more than the Lorac Pro Palette and it is a must have. Absolutely love this palette and should be given more hype.
The Sleek palette is one I started off with and as you can see in the first image, it's been well loved. A fail safe palette, which every one loves. Pigmented, blendable and beautiful neutral shades. You can't go wrong.

I adore all of these palettes and any one of them will be well loved in anyone's make up collection. The drugstore palettes are just as amazing, if not better than the higher end palettes. My favourite part of make up is eye shadow, so all of these palettes are like my babies and I look after them as if they are! Thank you for reading and please follow :)

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Crazy Beauty Series #1- Does the Lip Plumper Work?

So I have decided to begin a 'Crazy Beauty Series' on my YouTube channel which will include all things crazy us beauty lovers do to achieve 'beauty', if that makes sense? LOL! So, I thought I'd kick things off with the hyped lip plumper which seems to be making rounds on all social media and create a short video to inform you beauty junkies like me, whether it works or not?!

Click the link below to find out!


Glittery Eyes & Oxblood Lips Tutorial!

I know, I know, I have been very bad with being consistent on my Blog and even worse at uploading videos on my YouTube channel. So I thought I'd kick things off with a favourite look of mine which can be worn for ANY occasion, wedding, event etc, and it looks as if you've made an effort when really the Charlotte Tilbury 'Dolce Vita' Palette does all the work for you :)

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy :)


Friday, 20 March 2015

Mac x Toledo Collection- Blush in 'Ripe Peach' REVIEW

My first ever Mac Limited Edition item. I had been 'umming' and 'ahhing' about purchasing this blush after seeing so many Beauty Bloggers upload pictures of this Mac blush from the Mac 'Toledo' Collection in the shade- 'Ripe Peach'. It is such a beautiful blush; an orange shimmer cascading into a peachy pink. Apparently Mac had launched a similar blush in a previous collection and when I discovered they had relaunched the blush I had to get my hands on it. Initially, it was sold out online but after a trip to my local Mac store they had it in stock and I quickly bought the blush!

However, all may not be as it seems as the blush is not that pigmented at all, if I'm being frank, (see images below). I have to repeatedly apply the blush on my cheeks to get any pay off and leaves more of a orange bronze finish, which is quite subtle and not amazing. I would have thought it would be more pigmented as the usual Mac blushes are, so if you weren't able to pick one up, don't be disheartened and I do think I saw a blush very similar on an Estee Lauder counter which was wayyy more pigmented.

Nonetheless, I don't regret purchasing the blush as I think it's a nice start in getting into Mac Collections and it does look uber pretty. 

Thank you for reading x


Monday, 9 March 2015

Limecrime Velvetine in 'Wicked'

YouTube and beauty bloggers made me do it! This was definitely a 'jumping on the bandwagon' purchase. After wearing a random deep burgundy lippy out one day, I found that it kind of looked alright on me and I've also discovered I  prefer wearing a deep red to a true red for some reason, if you care ha!

Anyway, back to the post, Limecrime Velvetine in 'Wicked' has become my 'go to' for occasions or whenever I wish to wear a deep burgundy. It's matte, long lasting, and one of those lippies that gets countless compliments. It's a hybrid of a lipstick and a lip gloss as its pigmented as a lipstick and the packaging is of a lip gloss since its application is that of a 'dauphut applicator' (I think that's how you spell it!).

However, as great as it looks on, it isn't the most comfortable of liquid lipsticks. After around 4 hours it definitely begins to feel dry, and wears off inside your bottom lip so you do have to re apply and it feels & looks fine after. It's obviously not as comfortable as a chapstick but more comfortable than the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer version of these (blogpost on these soon) and the matte ones that Sleek do which actually hurt my lips!

So, I would highly recommend these since I've been wearing these so often and if your from Birmingham you can get them from www.cocktailcosmetics.com or from their shop in Custard factory :)


Monday, 23 February 2015

Micro Mini Drugstore DASH!

I'm so good when I go shopping now, I think it may be because I've left University so no loans or grants kindly grace my bank account and I have to now work for my purchases or endeavours. WELCOME TO ADULTHOOD GUYS! But, real talk, I hate being an "adult", but that really is another post.

But, today's post is a 'micro mini haul', get it..micro..as in those micro 'bags' lol but yes, this is a very small haul of a few things I purchased from Superdrug, which is the UK's version of American drugstores for my US readers!

Firstly, I picked up the 'NYC' liquid eye liner (RRP £2.49) which I didn't necessarily need, but this is always frigging OUT OF STOCK, three words I dread to see! Literally, I've been wanting to get this because of 'Chrisspy', whose an amazing make up artist on Instagram and YouTube and she always raves about this eye liner, and her flicks are literally perfect. So I picked this up and I'm yet to try it out! (Went to use it, and didn't realise I picked up the 'pearl finish' NYC liquid liner as opposed to the regular black liner :'(


Secondly, I picked up a rose gold eye shadow from Maybelline because I'm really into rose gold shades, which I really wasn't into before, at all. I actually despised the Naked 3 palette because I thought it wasn't versatile blah blah but I secretly want it now :( but ain't nobody got £38 to spend on that lol!  So, I picked this shade 'Copper Fizz' and I love it! I originally looked over at L'Oreal to see if they had a rose gold shade in their infallible line but I think the shade I was after is only available in the US, 'Amber Rush' or something on those lines, I believe it's called. But, I love this shade and is great for an extra pop on your eyelids! One thing I will say about this eye shadow is it isn't as smooth on application and is a bit patchy, so make sure you use a good flat brush and a little fix +! 


The last item I picked up was a Nyx Blush called 'Summer Peach' and it is a lovely pink blush with a slight gold shimmer running throughout but it is barely noticeable, and I love it! It blends perfectly and is very pigmented, so a little goes a long way! 

That's all for today, and let me know what you've been purchasing lately!


Friday, 20 February 2015

"Effaclar: Not Just for Oily Skin"-

Guest Post by Malia, a lovely friend who blogs on "Malia Style & Life".

If you’ve been active in the beauty blogosphere, the name “Effaclar” or “La Roche-Posay” has probably made it into your vocabulary by now, if not or if slightly so you’ve probably heard it followed by “Duo”. Yes, Effaclar Duo, but I’m not here to talk about the currently most raved about anti-blemish cream for oily problem skin. I’m here to talk about its other family member 

So I shut out the raving voices of the skincare and beauty bloggers and went in for the Purifying Foaming Gel first. Since this was my first use and longest I decided that a thorough review was in order. 

My Skin Type 
I’m not one to pigeonhole myself into a skin type. For a long time I didn’t even know there was such as thing as skin type – shock horror – I know! And when I did, I remember immediately booking myself in for an appointment with a skin specialist to find out my skin type. She ran her fingers over my face and told me that I was combination. When I say that my skin is combination I mean combination in the most contrasting way. I can get slightly oily on my t-zone and very dry everywhere else. This line by La Roche-Posay is designed for oily sensitive skin so I was a bit wary at first.  

As stated, it’s gel based. This is common for products designed for oily-prone skin. It feels very weighted and concentrated to the touch, not sticky, too slippery or watery but yet very gel like. I run this over my wet face in circle motions and can almost feel the oiliness on my t-zone wiping itself off, before I’ve even washed the foamy loviness off! This is what is so effective about this face wash, most of the work is done for you. What’s more, there is no overpowering smell. It’s just so gentle. 

Squeaky Clean 
My face has that squeaky clean feel you get after you’ve used a toner. I’m not a regular toner user so this is ideal for me. You get that smooth toned feeling even without having exfoliated that week. 

Cleared out Skin? 
It’s still too early too tell, but the formula is so gentle and kind to my sensitive skin that it would give Simple skincare a run for their money. What I can say is that I am not breaking out as much as I used to. This product has just brought sheer calmness to my skin. 

Suitable for Combination Skin? 
The verdict. Yes. It probably depends on how much you use. I used a coin-sized amount and that suffices. I enjoy the toned feeling over my face and then follow through with my usual moisturiser 

Have you tried La Roche-Posay yet? Share your favourite skincare essentials in the comments below and check out my skin and hair care category  :)
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