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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Editing Blog Pictures on a Budget!

Ever since I begun blogging which then led to a keen interest in photography I discovered that editing pictures is key to having decent Blog pics, especially when you don't own a fancy shmancy camera i.e. me :( or even when you just want to tweak the brightness or clarity of the image.

For those of us who simply do not own the wonderous editing software otherwise known as 'Photoshop' or the other of its participants i.e. Lightroom etc, then fear not, for I have a solution and it is called 'Pic Monkey' which is an online website dedicated towards photo editing.

It is very easy to use, with initial options of 'edit, touch up, design or collage', which then deciding on which of these you choose allows you to brighten, sharpen, adjust shadows, contrast etc, basically everything under one roof (or website, you get what I mean :P) .

I absolutely love it and is what I use all of the time. Below is an image I edited using 'Pic Monkey'.


The first image is taken using flash photography of my phone and the second bottom image is edited using 'Pic Monkey'. Not only does this image appear brighter and sharpened it looks a lot better as the contrast is not so dark and the shadows have been reduced.

Thank you for reading and what are your budget friendly editing softwares or websites?

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