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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Is Mac 'Soar' Worth it? Plus DUPES!!

Ever since Kylie Jenner was seen with her perfectly, plump pout, the 'Beautysphere' has fallen head over heels in a whirlwind romance with the Armenian beauty! did you get it..'whirl'wind...because she uses 'whirl' lip liner by Mac...Ok, moving swiftly on...

The obsession began when Kylie's lips appeared somewhat larger than her usual lips which got everyone asking, "What is she using on her lips?". Elder bodacious sister, Kim Kardashian, recently let slip that she actually uses Mac's 'Soar' lip liner, which has now seen the rise in this lip liner and as a result, the lip liner is most commonly always out of stock. That is until now.

'Soar' lip liner is currently online available to purchase of the Mac website here & I would hurry up and order before it goes out of stock.

However, to those who simply do not want to splurge on the £12.50 Mac lip liner, I have a cheaper option for you and it is actually the lip liner I use all of the time, like seriously, this is why I purchased another lip liner because I've been using it since forever! It is the Kiko lip liner in '311', and the picture below shows you just how similiar the shades are. The Mac lip liner is drier in texture than the Kiko which is why I always slather a lip gloss on top and the hue of the lip liner still shines through, and this is my prefered way of application.

R-Mac 'Soar'- more browny
L- Kiko '311'- more reddy.

I hope this helps and what do you think of the Kylie Jenner/ 90's lip trend?

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