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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Lashing it up errday errday!

Ever since Eyelure upped their game in Superdrug & Boots with their eyelash game, I am officially hooked on the 'Eyelure Exxagerate 141 lashes', their fluttery, wide eyed and definitely glam! They're not a feline shape like the demi wispies by Ardell, which I prefer, as my eyes are quite 'almond' shaped to begin with and I like a round and more open eye look, which is why I adore these eyelashes!

I always (95% of the time ha!) pick up a pair from the drugstore, especially when they have an offer on. They are usually priced at £5.45 but are reduced to £3.50ish when on sale, which is when I buy two lol! They are so lightweight, easy to apply and definitely everyday glam, because who doesn't want to feel glamorous all the time!?

Below are pictures with me wearing my fave eyelashes!!


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