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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Products NOT worth the Hype: Aesop Parsley Seed Mask

Buying skincare or make up which other Beauty Bloggers are hyping about is always, ALWAYS hit or miss. You'll either live to regret purchasing the damn thing or love it right from the get go. In this case, I'm sadly leaning to towards the former rather than the latter.

The Aesop Parsley Seed Mask boasts of being able to 'perk dull skin... act as a quick skin care cheat for those who neglect exercise or a regimented skin care regime and is great for oily/combination skin'. I disagree with the latter simply because after exercise or a regimented skin care regime you have 'that glow' if you know what I mean, and this product unfortunately doesn't give me that radiance I desire.

Saying this, the mask does help to further cleanse your face, but this is all it does. I find that it hasn't help 'draw impurities' and instead acts as a bog standard clay mask and that I actually prefer the Ren Clay Mask, which is cheaper and has more product.

What I do like about this mask is it it doesn't leave your skin feeling tight after use which is important for me since I do have oily combination skin and after having a bout of dry skin, I hate the feeling of a tight face LOL.

Anyway to conclude, I don't hate this mask, but I don't love it either and unfortunately won't be running to purchase another. But will be purchasing the Ren Clay Mask (review here) when it's back in stock!

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