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Sunday, 25 January 2015


As boring as it sounds, "growing up" really is the avenue of self discovery. You find things you like, don't like and aren't a hesitant to try out new things.

Late last year was the year I found out I have a secret obsession with lashes, ground breaking...I know, but I actually prefer them to wearing mascara! I know they're not everyone's cup of tea BUT not only do you not need to faff around with removing your mascara at the end of the day, which really is a chore in itself, all you need to do is literally rip or gently remove lol them off and Bob legit is your uncle...

I have a post on my favourite everyday, any occasion whatsoever lashes here, but, BUT, and this is a big BUT lol, if you want something more dramatic, whispy and with lots of volume, then these might just for you!

This style is called 'Lush', and they are definitely show stopper lashes! I applied them with my trustee Tweezerman lashes and Duo lash glue. However, what I will say is that they do feel heavy and take quite some time getting used to. I personally would wear them for when I'm creating theatrical or dramatic looks.

They are hand made so they feel incredibly soft to touch, I was literally stroking my lashes all day! They're original price is £14.80 however they are on sale now for £5.80! Check them out here!

Thank you for reading and please follow, P.S. would you rock these lashes?


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