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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Fave Highlighter of LIFE!!

Summer 2014. Last year. Was beautiful.

I'm currently lying in bed tucked in my duvet whilst listening to a little Maitre Gims (french guy- not a clue in hell what he's singing about!) this cold Winter evening reminiscing of last Summer, which was so lovely, so so lovely for an English Summer, if you will. (Now listening to Indila-Tourner Dans Le Vide (another Frenchie*) 

Now, the reason for such a trip down memory lane, the reason why many of us beauty junkies reminisce through the valleys of the exquisitely carved, jewel encrusted and marble ordained path of the past, is for no reason other than...MAKE UP! Sad, but true. Well, for me anyway.

Which brings us on to today's post. Marks & Spencer's highlighter in 'Golden Rose'. Not only is it incredibly soft and like butter to touch, it also has an exciting bounce to the product itself when you swipe the highlighter, strange yet oddly satisfying...

As you can see, I have been using it for quite some time, so the original embossing has sadly been dusted away, but you can see from the edges it has a beautiful double crossing pattern when you initially purchase the highlighter. But the most important factor about this product is the pay off, colour and longevity of the highlighter. It is incredibly opaque with a glittery finish and very much a 'in yer face' highlight, but you know the drill, a light hand allows for a natural, diffused finish and a heavier hand gives you a drag like finish! (Unless that's the finish you desire).

It is a rose gold colour, which would suit fairer skin shades as it would work as a blush for my porcelain skin toned gals and as a great highlight for my deeper or medium skin toned gals.

The packaging is black, sleek and fairly thin, which is great to pop in your make up bag when travelling as opposed to the annoying bulky packaging Mac has ever so kindly graced us with! LOL, and on that note, thank you for reading and get buying.

Link to purchase here

                                                  Have a lovely and positive day :)

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