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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Favourite LUXURY & DRUGSTORE Eyeshadow Palettes!

Above are my most used eye shadow palettes. As you can tell, I love my neutral shades and I feel most comfortable sporting a wearable smokey eye. I do have the odd turquoise shade going on in the above image and I will be filming a wearable way of how I wear a turquoise eye shadow in a forthcoming tutorial. ;)

First and foremost, my most favourite palette is the Charlotte Tillbury, 'Dolce Vita' Palette. It has a shimmery cream shade for the brow bone, a stunning burnt red shade with golden flecks running throughout as a transition shade, a medium brown shade with a subtle golden shimmer to deepen the crease. As well as a BEAUTIFUL golden glitter shade to 'pop' ( actual name of the shade) your entire eye look. For a demonstration click here :)

My beloved Lorac Pro Palette is a favourite with a full in depth blog post along with swatches here :) I love this palette because the shades are not overtly pigmented meaning you can just wack it on your eye without thinking you've slapped too much on. What I'm trying to say is, it is a fail safe eye shadow palette to use, blends out fairly easy along with beautiful, wearable shades. My favourite shades are the 'white' and 'pewter', which is a dupe for Mac 'Satin Taupe' eye shadow. All the shades correspond well with the others, so you can do a blown out smokey eye with this palette alone which is pretty awesome. 

The first ever high end palette I ever received was the original Naked palette from Urban Decay. It was a gift from a lovely friend of mine for my birthday and I was obsessed with the shade 'buck', which you can see below. I used the shade for my eyebrows which looking back now was wayy to light for my eyebrows! I love all the shades and I have worn all the shades besides the last two, 'creep' & 'gunmetal'. Urban Decay's eye shadows are one of the best out there, way ahead of Mac and other brands. They blend so easily and my favourite shades are, 'virgin', 'buck', 'smog' and 'half baked'.

My cheapest palettes are the 'Au Naturale' Sleek palette and the MUA 'winter forest' matte collection palette with a full review here. The MUA palette is one of the most pigmented eye shadow palettes I own and stand next to Urban Decay in terms of the pigmentation. SOO pigmented, way more than the Lorac Pro Palette and it is a must have. Absolutely love this palette and should be given more hype.
The Sleek palette is one I started off with and as you can see in the first image, it's been well loved. A fail safe palette, which every one loves. Pigmented, blendable and beautiful neutral shades. You can't go wrong.

I adore all of these palettes and any one of them will be well loved in anyone's make up collection. The drugstore palettes are just as amazing, if not better than the higher end palettes. My favourite part of make up is eye shadow, so all of these palettes are like my babies and I look after them as if they are! Thank you for reading and please follow :)

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Crazy Beauty Series #1- Does the Lip Plumper Work?

So I have decided to begin a 'Crazy Beauty Series' on my YouTube channel which will include all things crazy us beauty lovers do to achieve 'beauty', if that makes sense? LOL! So, I thought I'd kick things off with the hyped lip plumper which seems to be making rounds on all social media and create a short video to inform you beauty junkies like me, whether it works or not?!

Click the link below to find out!


Glittery Eyes & Oxblood Lips Tutorial!

I know, I know, I have been very bad with being consistent on my Blog and even worse at uploading videos on my YouTube channel. So I thought I'd kick things off with a favourite look of mine which can be worn for ANY occasion, wedding, event etc, and it looks as if you've made an effort when really the Charlotte Tilbury 'Dolce Vita' Palette does all the work for you :)

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy :)


Friday, 20 March 2015

Mac x Toledo Collection- Blush in 'Ripe Peach' REVIEW

My first ever Mac Limited Edition item. I had been 'umming' and 'ahhing' about purchasing this blush after seeing so many Beauty Bloggers upload pictures of this Mac blush from the Mac 'Toledo' Collection in the shade- 'Ripe Peach'. It is such a beautiful blush; an orange shimmer cascading into a peachy pink. Apparently Mac had launched a similar blush in a previous collection and when I discovered they had relaunched the blush I had to get my hands on it. Initially, it was sold out online but after a trip to my local Mac store they had it in stock and I quickly bought the blush!

However, all may not be as it seems as the blush is not that pigmented at all, if I'm being frank, (see images below). I have to repeatedly apply the blush on my cheeks to get any pay off and leaves more of a orange bronze finish, which is quite subtle and not amazing. I would have thought it would be more pigmented as the usual Mac blushes are, so if you weren't able to pick one up, don't be disheartened and I do think I saw a blush very similar on an Estee Lauder counter which was wayyy more pigmented.

Nonetheless, I don't regret purchasing the blush as I think it's a nice start in getting into Mac Collections and it does look uber pretty. 

Thank you for reading x


Monday, 9 March 2015

Limecrime Velvetine in 'Wicked'

YouTube and beauty bloggers made me do it! This was definitely a 'jumping on the bandwagon' purchase. After wearing a random deep burgundy lippy out one day, I found that it kind of looked alright on me and I've also discovered I  prefer wearing a deep red to a true red for some reason, if you care ha!

Anyway, back to the post, Limecrime Velvetine in 'Wicked' has become my 'go to' for occasions or whenever I wish to wear a deep burgundy. It's matte, long lasting, and one of those lippies that gets countless compliments. It's a hybrid of a lipstick and a lip gloss as its pigmented as a lipstick and the packaging is of a lip gloss since its application is that of a 'dauphut applicator' (I think that's how you spell it!).

However, as great as it looks on, it isn't the most comfortable of liquid lipsticks. After around 4 hours it definitely begins to feel dry, and wears off inside your bottom lip so you do have to re apply and it feels & looks fine after. It's obviously not as comfortable as a chapstick but more comfortable than the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer version of these (blogpost on these soon) and the matte ones that Sleek do which actually hurt my lips!

So, I would highly recommend these since I've been wearing these so often and if your from Birmingham you can get them from www.cocktailcosmetics.com or from their shop in Custard factory :)

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