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Monday, 18 May 2015




Friday, 15 May 2015

Dear 'Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer', I'm Just Not That Into You?!

In short, no. But hear me out.

Despite the unreal hype surrounding this concealer over the past years, I just didn't want to try this concealer because of my beloved Mac ProLongwear Concealer (check review here) which has served me so faithfully over the years but has left me wanting to see if anything trumps it. Which leads me onto the concealer in question. I thought I would try out this concealer despite being way behind the Nars concealer bandwagon but I am so disappointed! 

The first time I tried it, it collected ever so slightly under my left eye which I just put down to my under eye not being hydrated enough. So I upped my doseage of religiously applying my eye cream, mornings and evenings ensuring no dryness or flakiness, but to no avail. 

I am still using this concealer because I bought it and want to finish it off haha, but it settles into all my fine lines which are barely there in the first place which is another reason I am not liking it at all! I still prefer my Mac Prolongwear to this, the only part of this concealer I appreciate is the coverage which is meduim to full coverage. Also, the shade I chose which is 'Custard', which is a lovely brightening yellow colour which I prefer for under my eye concealer.

But that is all guys. I wouldn't recommend it, but if your interested, you can purchase the concealer from here.

Thank you for reading, but what are your thoughts? Do you love or loathe? :)

April / Mid May Favourites!

Hey guys, I filmed my April/ Mid May favourites which consist of all the make up, skincare and fashion pieces I've been enjoying the past few weeks!

Hope you enjoy!


Friday, 8 May 2015


The most important step in your skincare routine is and should be your SPF. Not only will you be preventing yourself from pre wrinkles, dark spots and harmful UV Sunrays which in the worst case scenario could be the result of cancer cells to develop, you'll just be protecting your skin and look younger for longer!

I have always looked for an SPF which I could use on my face as I knew of the importance of wearing SPF but didn't want to use a thick sunscreen which left a white cast on my face. As well as this, I always felt that the sunscreens for the body was too thick to apply on the face. Also, if I am being totally honest, I always knew of how amazing the 'Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily Defence SPF 50' one in question was but I just didn't want to splash £31.00 for one. However, I thought if we can spend more than this on a pair of shoes or a bag why can't we spend this on our faces which is going to be with us a lot longer than the bag or shoes are?!

Which is why I caved and just bought the damn thing! And another myth to banish is only white people need to use SPF! Girl no, no matter what shade of skin you have we are all susceptible to harmful rays which can be detrimental to ones skin and health if not protected. So get applying your SPF!

The Kiehl's SPF is non greasy, leaves a semi matte finish and is not sticky and undetectable under ones foundation and I just feel safe wearing it. It is recommended the correct way to apply one's SPF is by applying the sunscreen 20 minutes before leaving the house and then every 20 minutes once your outside in the sun. Obviously, if you wear foundation, your not going to take your foundation off very 20 minutes to apply your SPF! But, I do believe wearing SPF as opposed to not wearing it will do more good than bad.

I did used to wear the MAC Face Visage in SPF 50 (review here) which also mattified your face but I felt this stopped working after a while. I do believe I went through two bottles of this, so I would also recommend this product if interested. It is also cheaper costing £24.00 for 30ml but you do get double the amount of product in the Kiehls SPF which is 60ml.

To purchase the Kiehls SPF click here :)
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