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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Additions to my Skincare Routine! Vichy Serum + GlamGlow Mask!

I am loving both of these products! The Vichy 'Aqualia Thermal' serum was entirely due to Sali Hughes stating this was her favourite serum. She is my career idol, if that's such a thing. She writes for The Guardian in the beauty column and she is amazing. Anyway, back to the products!

The Vichy serum is lightweight, absorbs easily and is fantastic for dehydrated skin which is the reason why I purchased this. In my YouTube videos (search sakinahsays :P ) I am always complaining about my dry, dehydrated skin and I needed something to fix my skin. Needless to say, this serum is amazing, my skin isn't as parched as it was before and I am already near to finishing the bottle. NOTE: this serum is fragranced so do a patch test before you purchase etc. My only critique of this is that it is quite a small product but it does last a while.

Purchase here: http://ow.ly/QzRFU

My second skincare obsession is the Glamglow SuperMud Clearing Treatment Mask! I purchased this with the 35% Asos discount they had going on a while back because this is quite expensive priced at £45.00. So I decided to purchase this as the whole world has been raving about this and because this product claims to be great for under skin white heads which is something I suffer from.
Again, I have been loving this as it does help to clarify my skin, help to smooth the texture of my skin and keep my skin clean and clear.

This product does have  fragrance to it and after application it does leave a warm, tingly sensation on the skin which can be quite bothersome if you do have sensitive skin. But try to test it out before purchase if you can. As a result, I am keen to try out some other products from the Glamglow range.

Purchase here (on sale at the moment!): http://ow.ly/QzW0w 


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