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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Kendall Jenner for Estee Lauder Limited Edition Lipstick!

Orange is the new red.

I have been searching high and low for the past few months for the perfect 'orangey red' lipstick shade. I don't really like a true red on myself and find it looks very 'done up' on me, which is why I only one red lipstick, 'Ruby Woo' by Mac, FYI.

I sought to looking at higher end lipsticks because I know this shade wouldn't be used all the time and most likely for an occasion or when I feel fency haha!

So I tried Tom Ford's lipstick in 'Flame', which is a lovely, creamy consistency and despite being a matte texture, was so comfortable on my lips and suited my tanned skin tone. But at £38.00 I couldn't justify purchasing it but I still love the shade (maybe a future purchase).

I also tried Charlotte Tilbury's lipstick in '1995' from her recent 'Norman Parkinson' collection which you can see in my recent Vlog on my YouTube (watch here). I loved this shade and I had a few compliments as well but it still wasn't 'the one' haha!

SO when Estee Lauder launched their Kendall Jenner lipstick which again, is an 'orangey red' hue I was dying to try it out and constantly checking up on my local Estee Lauder counter to see whether it had arrived in store to try on. Alas, it arrived and I immediately purchased after trying it on as it was definitely more orange than red which is what I wanted.

Onto the lipstick itself, as predicted it is highly pigmented, creamy and a comfortable matte. It is part of Estee Lauder's new 'Pure Envy' range of lipsticks which are insanely comfortable on the lips. This lipstick makes my not so whiter than white teeth look white which is an added bonus. The lipstick is priced at £25.00 since it is a limited edition shade and is highly on trend at the moment as well. I just wish it came out earlier so I could have worn it throughout summer and not just the last month of summer!

Needless to say, I love the lipstick and you all need to purchase it!

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