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Thursday, 17 September 2015


I succumbed, I gave in to the hype, I surrendered to the Beauty Gods.

But was it worth it?

 I literally feel as if this past month I have just been buying highlighters, when I didn't really need to, and I'm kind of off purchasing make up at the moment. I feel since Autumn is here I really want to get Autumn fashion ready, so I am looking for the perfect boots, layering pieces and chunky knits etc!

But onto the product in question, is the Jaclyn Hill highlighter worth it? In short, NO. On my tanned skin tone it just looks like a regular golden highlight, a similiar finish I achieve with the KIKO or Laura Geller highlighter. What I do love about the Becca highlighter is that it is SO pigmented. Literally one light stroke of this product on my brush picks up SO much product, which NONE of my other products which is why I am reaching to this more than the others, also because of the hype surrounding it I am still glad I picked it up because it is a coveted make up product at the moment.

However, I made the purchase for this highlighter because it was meant to be Limited Edition and I ALWAYS miss out on limited edition products. So when I discovered it was going to be a permanent part of Becca's make up line, admittedly, I was dissappointed.

My eager and hastened purchase lacked the allure I initially anticipated.

Above is a shot taken with flash and you can see the highlighter has a peach tone but on my skin it appears more gold. Watch my recent video below to see how it looks (and please subscribe :)

The packaging itself does not excite me either. If it had more of a peachy or rose gold outer I may have liked it a bit more. It may sound shallow that the product itself should be appealing but I'm sure a lot of us beauty junkies would agree!

In short, don't be in a hurry to purchase this. If you are of a similar colouring to me it WILL appear like a regular gold highlighter. And for £30ish it's not worth the hype this time. Hope this helps xxx



Thursday, 3 September 2015

Kiehl's Creamy Avacado Eye Cream- NOT AMAZING!

The consistency is just so weird, it doesn't glide under the eyes if your face is slightly damp so make sure your hands and face are super dry and then the consistency is 'creamy' as the name suggests.

P.S. this post has been sitting in my drafts since JUNEE!! I know I cannot believe I haven't written up this post and published it! I just had a message from one of my friends asking me if the Kiehl's creamy Avacado eye cream is worth it or not? And I was like, hmm, that reminds me, 'did I upload my review?' and obviously I didn't. Such a twat!

Image result for kiehl's creamy avocado eye cream

(Image from Huffington Post because I threw the pot away!)

So, onto my review! Is it worth it? YES AND NO. It's not immensely hydrating as the name suggests. I distinctly remember having next to eczema under my eyes, they were so dry and this eye cream did not help in the slightest. However, if you have normal to combination skin, you'll like this eye cream because you'll find it more hydrating than I did.

I personally did expect more from this product just because of the hype surrounding it, it didn't jump leaps and bounds for me as I initially had assumed, which is why I personally wouldn't recommend it. It isn't a thick consistency or a light texture, it's something in between. I personally prefer something a bit more thicker and which creates a firming or tightening feeling and which aids in fighting those wrinkles. This product pretty much did nothing for my under eyes, so try get a sample before you purchase.

I am currently testing another eye cream and on the search for the perfect under eye cream because these wrinkles seem to coming at me at full force!

Thank you for reading xxx
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