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Sunday, 25 December 2016

The Sexy Smell Of Winter

I want my fragrance to envelop me like a warm, unexpected hug from a loved one that's much needed in this bitter cold winter we're having in England.

Dark, bold and mysterious is what my mind leads to when thinking of winter smells. I have a few old classics I tend to reach for but also a couple of newly added perfumes I am currently enjoying.

1.) Noir de Noir was the first fragrance I was instantly drawn towards when I began working for Tom Ford. With notes including Oud, Incense and Rosewood it is definitely a head turner. A sweeter Oud scent that is a stunning unisex scent.

2.) Illamasqua 'Scarab' is not a brand I would initially associate with fragrance but when I tell you this is THE  sexiest scent I have ever smelt! The Egyptian Jasmine, Geranium and leather notes are mesmerising and this is my latest addiction!

4.) Tuscan Leather is definitely not a usual choice for a woman because on a mans skin it really is the most masculine and addictive scent. However, when I tried this and when the scent dried down it was a beautiful sweeter woody leather scent. I love wearing this in the winter!

5.) Oud Wood is my old favourite perfume and one which I love to mix with other scents such as all of the above. It is not overly woody and again has that same sweetness when on the skin. It is a very rich and decadent scent which will be the envy of all!

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Primer Concoction For Oily + Porous Skin¦ Benefit PoreFessional + Becca Ever Matte

I love when I discover new concoctions that work for my oily and problematic skin. If you haven't guessed by now, I have acne prone and oily skin, so I am always drawn towards primers which are mattifying and blur my pores.

I have always used the the Benefit PoreFessional primer as it does an amazing job of blurring pores and filling them in. It is a silicone texture so quite slippery but it does not move my make up during the day and helps to prolong the wear of my make up.

The Becca Ever Matte primer is what I apply first and then the benefit primer. The Becca primer is a mattifying and smoothing primer and when used in conjuction, they truly give the illusion of perfected non porous skin haha! My dream skin! When I need my make up to really last all day, I dust the smallest amount of the RCMA Colourless Powder and I am not kidding you, my make up is BUDGE PROOF!!

I used this technique today at work where it was hot and busy and I didn't even blot my skin AT ALL! This is actually a rare occasion because I blot at least twice a day, so to not touch my make up all is amazing!

If  you have oily skin you need to try this combination! Let me know if you have tried any of these primers!


Monday, 14 November 2016

RCMA No Colour Powder v. Laura Mercier Translucent Powder!

To all my oily skinned girls out there! Are you not SICK to death of just getting oilier, oilier and OILIER as the hours go on? Working in retail where there are harsh lights throughout the store and constant peoples flooding the floors, one may be partial to the sweat glands to produce an extra dose of perspiration and oil to the face!

It is because of this I am always on the hunt to improve my base make up. I feel that I have a foundation and concealer that works but my powder does not control my oils as well as it should. I use the coveted Laura Mercier 'Transluent' Powder which has a beige shade and is slightly heavier in texture compared to my new favourite RCMA No Colour Powder!

This powder is truly so fine and soft, way softer than LM and holds my oils wayyy better than the LM powder. I don't even need to top up with this powder. And the best thing about this powder is it is THREE TIMES CHEAPER THAN THE LM POWDER! The RCMA powder is £9.99 and has 85g of product compared to the LM which only has 29g of product and I have gone through three of these powders.

I can safely say the RCMA powder is better, in terms of price, texture and the amount of product you get. On the skin it does not look cakey whatsoever and does not add any colour to the skin which is what I prefer for day to day shenanigans!

SO what do you think and what powders do you use?


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Amouage Dia Most Used Perfume- A perfume for any occasion

It's strange how I never would wear fragrance to now wearing one every single day, even when I am at home.

My favourite scents are light, musky oud scents but nothing overwhelming. This is exactly what I have found in Amouage Dia's fragrance. Amouage was founded in Oman and is a beautifully crafted and irresistible brand; all fragrances from this brand are stunning and my favourite is Dia. This scent is soft, feminine and slightly sweet with a beautiful musk note which I personally love.

The top notes include Fig, Bergamot and Sage. Mid notes include Blush, peony and orange and base notes include Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vanilla and White Musk, all my favourites!

This set includes a body lotion which I apply before spraying the perfume to really grab onto the scent. This scent is very long lasting and I always receive compliments when wearing this. This fragrance is a tad expensive but a nice treat if your feeling spendy.

To purchase click here :)

What is your favourite perfume?

Friday, 28 October 2016

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil REVIEW- Cliche Bollywood Story?

A story of unrequited love. Yearning for love; albeit lost and dumbfounded. 

Every human being on this planet yearns for love, companionship, a need to be needed. A wanting to be wanted. But above all that we seek a bond. A bond which only one other person in this world will ever understand and love, flaws and all.

Image result for ae dil hai mushkil

PLOT: This story begins with  Ayan (Ranbir Kapoor) having an interview about love which introduces the cliche love story of Ayan meeting Alizeh (Anushka Sharma) whom is already heart broken over Ali (Fawad Khan) who ditched her and moved onto another. Ayan is slowly beginning to fall for Alizeh who then bumps into Ali and they get married. Ayan meets Saba (Aishwarya Rai), a poet who becomes his rebound girl and who leaves their relationship after falling for Ayan who is still besotted for Alizeh. Also, there is a guest appearance of Shahrukh Khan who is Saba's ex husband.

Fast forward two years, Ayan follows his singing career which leads to super stardom and bumps into Ali who informs Ayan that he is now divorced from Alizeh. Ayan finds Alizeh and she has stage four cancer and is dying. The story ends with Ayan completing his interview and singing the beautiful famous song "channa mereya mereya channa mereya mereya".

Analysis: I found this film very similiar to Ranbir Kapoor's 'Rockstar' in which he must truly feel heartbreak to be successful in his bid to becoming remotely famous. Alas, his unrequited love gets married to another and has a terminal illness which is very similiar to this film. However, I love the humour in Ranbir's character in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, it is relatable and endearing. He has a huge charm appeal in this film which adds to his emotional persona.

Anushka's role as his love interest is mediocre, I don't think her acting was amazing as well Aishwarya. She played a good seductress but again, quite mediocre.

Overall, I would say I loved Ranbir's acting and the cameo scene of Shahrukh Khan which expectedly, did cause an excited hubbub in the cinema. I liked this film and cannot fault Karan Johar's ability to cause one to cry numerous times whenever watching one of his films. I cried like a baby and it is definitely a film to watch for all my Bollywood fans or film fanatics!


Thursday, 27 October 2016

5 things working in retail has taught me...

1.) People are just so RUDE! Not all of you, but most of you are. You will be casually walking past my counter and hand me a dirty tissue or a finished drink and ask, "Do you have a bin?",
"No, I don't" I respond; because I am not a bin, I serve my customers and if they have used tissues from lipstick swatches etc I will dispose of them. But don't treat us like shit, we want to go home just as quick as you do.

2.) Common sense is definitely not common. The amount of times I have been asked, "Do you have Tom Ford Creed Aventus?",

"No, they're two different brands."

"No, I want the Tom Ford Creed Aventus"

"Ok, goodnight",I have lost the will to live. Why are people so dumb? Research before you bloody come into a department store. I don't have 'Information Point' written on my forehead".

3.) Workplace politics. I have no idea why people working on a higher floor or a higher position believe themselves to be superior. Your job is still shit and actually I wouldn't give you the time of day as well if I was outside of work.

4.) People look down on you when working in retail. Somebody has to do that job; somebody has to be a cleaner, a manager or a waiter. Just because we bend down to get you that lipstick or perfume or have to run and check the stock room to get your product does not make us inferior to you.

I once had a man sit on my counter and told me "fetch me that perfume", to which I responded with a defiant "no". Nor am I your mother or your servant. Go and "fetch" your own perfume.

5.) It actually is a hard job. Having to stand in heels for over nine hours with pristine hair and make up is a job in itself. And then of course listening to annoying customers witter on and forcing a smile to listen to your stories is hard. Replenishing stock, mini audits, checking stock etc is hard work and sometimes, just sometimes give us a break!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

When Only the Best Will Do- Game Changing Brow Gel- Tom Ford NEW!!

I have always ALWAYS loved a good brow gel!

Having quite full eye brows, (well to a European standard but not to a South Asian standard). brow gels make all the difference when applying make up. I usually apply the smallest amount of brow pencil to simply define the shape and use a brow gel to fluff  the front to mimic the appearance of a model-esque brow.

After having used the Maybelline clear mascara, which did absolutely nothing at all but simply wet my brow to using the L'Oreal Brow gel which I genuinely liked and used everyday, this brow gel is definitely a winner!

I can even wear this brow gel when I have no product in my brows as it adds density and mimics real hairs on the front of my brows! It also doesn't leave my eye brows crispy feeling and they do not budge! Definitely a game changing brow gel! This product is £35 and an be purchased fro www.selfridges.com :)

Friday, 21 October 2016


My soul had died and you arrived
Breezing by, Breathing a life into me

You showed me mercy and in solitude I
Drank your venomous poison.

Hysteria and chaos slowly became our companion
Faith we shunned and misery we

We cried for help and screamed hypocrisy

Had you betrayed me a thousand times, a
Thousand times I would have fell on my knees
For you.

And all that was discovered was all we are. are
Failed delinquents
Waiting for something that was even
Remotely real.


Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Truth About Getting A Full Body Wax inc. Hollywood Wax!

Lets be real....no woman in their right minds would ever want to apply hot wax on their bits to remove their womanly hair in all of their nether regions. BUT, what if I told you it is the best way to maintain hair..down under.

I think every woman has underwent the stages of removing hair down there for it grow back thicker and darker. Also, if you have darker hair it probably has caused discolouration down there too rendering the lady bush  garden to look worse for wear.

After speaking to so many woman about this and pretty much all of them being fascinated about full body waxes I thought I'd write this post to banish all myths and tell you the truth of it all!

  1. It really isn't that painful! I find taking a blood test more uncomfortable AND I would rather have a Hollywood wax than a blood test. Okay, a bit of an exaggeration but you get my point. However. I do understand everyone has a different pain threshold and the first time getting a wax is the worst but it does get easier each time. The worst part down there is around the labia as that is usually where the thickest hair tends to grow. 
  2. Finding the right person is very important. I would go to the same lady to get my arms, legs and underarms waxed so I was very comfortable with her. It was then that I decided to get a Hollywood wax. She made it as comfortable as it can be and each time I go I know exactly what to expect.
  3. You will have to get naked. If a Hollywood wax is what you desire then I cannot imagine a way of not getting naked from the navel down. Your beautician/wax lady will make you hold parts of your vagina taut to really get all of the hairs. Also, to do your behind you will have to go down on all fours, cringe I know, but this section actually hurts less and I actually look forward to this section of my wax session.
  4. The hair does grow back finer and the skin is softer. I cannot imagine not getting waxed especially a Hollywood wax since my skin is so much smoother without ingrown hairs or unsightly spots and marks. Even when the hair grows back it isn't as bristly or bushy as when you shave or use removal creams. The hair is just so much softer!
I really hope this post has helped! My advice to those who have a very low pain threshold is to perhaps take a paracetamol before hand to help alleviate the pain but definitely go for it! You won't regret it!


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Holding onto Summer with Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess perfume....

Now this is a fragrance that does not last...at all, but one which, I don't actually mind.

This perfume is my lazy day, running around doing errands or just lounging around the house being a slob, perfume of choice. I don't know if people even wear perfume at home, but I do, it lifts my mood and switches on my 'feel good' part of the brain.

I have lusted after this fragrance after walking through the aisles of Selfridges and smelling a distinct coconut, sweet but yet light scent in the air. I hesitated from purchasing at the onset because I had just received the TF Soleil Blanc perfume which has a similiar cocunut smell.

However, having visited the Estee lauder HQ I purchased the fragrance in the largest size (100ml RRP £40), and I am obsessed! Slightly dissapointed I hadn't picked this up during Summer, but I'm holding onto the remains of what Summer we have left with this fragrance. A happy and airy scent which leaves you positively uplifted?

What are your thoughts? And what has been your Summer scent?


Friday, 7 October 2016

A Tom Ford Xmas- Beauty edition!

The Christmas Season is upon us!

Get ready for brand new beauty launches, limited edition sets and all things sparkly and glittery!

I, for one, love Xmas especially due to the new products brands launch for all us beauty junkies. From Chanel to Dior to Tom Ford, high end to low end, all brands have something new for us all to try around Xmas. 

So, it goes without saying, Tom Ford has released a whole new LIMITED EDITION eye shadow, blusher and highlighter set, all ordained in a stunning, simple, white case with gold details. It is to be sold at £98 which is a STEAL since eye shadow palettes alone are retailed at £64 and blushers are sold at £48. 

The highlighter in the palette isn't ridiculously pigmented and actually gives a semi matte sheen on the cheeks which is even more so flattering than the usual glittery or shimmery highlighters available now. It also has a slight pink undertone which is suitable on all skin tones.

The blusher is a hot pink/peach shade which will mimic that cold flush on the cheeks from the winter season and the eye shadows are the stand out feature in the palette. I received the 'warm' palette which houses neutral brown tones as opposed to the 'cool' palette which has cooler under tones. The shadows are so soft and buttery and blend amazingly. I cannot wait to wear this!

They will also be releasing a new range of white packaged "lip foils", which are a metallic finish following from the trend of pearl / metallic lip sticks. They are extremely soft and long lasting just like all Tom Ford lipsticks. I received the shade 'sea dragon', which is exactly the one that I wanted as it is a deep, cranberry shade which has a lovely metallic sheen; nothing too frosty and rather a shine which actually plumps the lips.

The cranberry shade is the Lipstick shade. The end pink shade is the blusher shade and the shade next to that is the highlighter. The following colours are from the eye shadow palette.

What are you looking forward to try?

P.S for a full lip swatch check out www.reallyree.co.uk (forgot to take my own pics)

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Is this the BEST cheap highlighter?¦ Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette REVIEW!

This Sleek 'Solstice' palette has to be one of the sought after high street highlighter in the UK and US after the likes of Jaclyn Hill, Manny MUA etc have been using this in their You Tube videos.

Here in the UK, 'Sleek', is a brand in Superdrug and Boots which have fantastic colour pay off and of course are significantly cheaper. This decadent gold packaged highlighter is indeed one of my prettier make up products I own, and one in which I purchased for the sake of owning as it is very pretty to look at. That isn't to say the four highlighters in the palette are amazing, I have just become not as obsessed with highlighter as much since I am MUCH oilier than usual and I resemble an oil slick at the end of the day.

However, below are the swatches and they are all very wearable shades despite being slightly frosty. My favourite is the peachier shade on the bottom right and then the lilac shade as it is just a very different and daring shade. What do you think? Have you tried these highlighters out yet?


Monday, 12 September 2016


There is no secret that Mr Tom Ford loves radiant, healthy and glowing skin as all of his products reflect this doctrine. He promises luminosity, that fresh of the catwalk skin and he always delivers.


Following from his best selling illuminating primer, which is a clear primer which oozes hydration and light, he has created a 'shimmer shot'; a tinted liquid bronzer or highlighter for those with deeper complexions. 

I received the bronze shade called 'Lust For Life', which I adore as this is the most natural bronze glow on the skin. I typically will use this on the tops of my cheeks and on days when I am wearing a tinted moisturiser to keep the skin looking fresh and dewy. It is perfect for those of you who prefer natural looking makeup and you can even use this on the eyes as an eye shadow. 

It is a smaller sized bottle but a little of the product goes a long way. There will be another cream shade launching in combination with this shade and will be available to purchase on the 17th October and you can reserve yours at Selfridges. 

Monday, 29 August 2016


After a three month hiatus of not "blogging" or writing, I am back! I have been on holiday to Turkey, working, doing over time at work and just not thinking too much of beauty, fashion etc and documenting everything and anything. I found the "blogging community/scene" stifling and I lacked creativity to write or take pictures etc. However, I have missed doing so, and I thought I'd start with a post on my recent outing to a friends wedding.

I decided to wear a silk effect jumpsuit from Zara  which I had been pining after for a while. I love the deep blue shade and the embroidery work along the chest and arms. I paired a red scarf to match the detailed work on the chest and a sparkly clutch to make it more glitzy for the evening function. I found it modest and classy and something I could even dress down for a much more casual setting. This is definitely a classic piece to have in ones wardrobe as it requires no effort; you don't need to bother with any accessories. 

For my make up, I did a subtle smokey eye with dramatic lashes and a nude lip. My fail safe make up! Be prepared for a full selfie session in the following images :D

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Sunday, 22 May 2016


I cannot wait for Summer! Long nights and bright skies is exactly what I have been waiting for. And in spirit of such a beautiful season I have changed my make up to compliment the upcoming weather.

On my face I have used Estee Lauder DW which is a god send for oily skin paired with Urban Decay concealer and to set I used the Laura Mercier translucent powder which allows for budge proof make up! On the eye brows I used ABH pomade in Ebony and on my eyes I used 'uninterrupted' by Mac, which is a beautiful mustard shade which compliments my tanned brown skin. I finished my eyes with the Tom Ford liner and lashes of mascara and a kohl liner from Essence.

What's more, on the cheeks I simply used the ABH contour kit and 'Trace Gold' blush/bronzer by Mac and Laura Geller's highlighter in 'Gilded Honey'. Last but not least, I used my favourite lip liner by Mac called 'Whirl' and a lip gloss by Tom Ford in 'Tawny Pink'!

All the products I used have been my go to products because they are fail proof and stay on all day! Have you tried any and what do you think of the finished look?!

P.S. no airbrushing etc hasn't been used or soft focus and all my images are taken by my beloved Sony A5100. xx

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Game Changing Skincare¦ Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum!

For the longest time I have had dehydrated, dry, pesky skin around my forehead and chin which I could not seem to get rid of. I had tried a Vichy serum before via Sali Hughes' recommendation but it was just a bit blah and didn't really aid my skin in anyway.

What's more, I had always and I'm sure you guys reading, have heard wonders of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. But I was always hesitant in investing in higher end skincare just because I hate wasting my money on skincare when I discover it doesn't work for my skin. but alas, this actually works. I was spurned on by Alex Steinner's (Glamour Beauty Editor) snapchat as she always films her 'Sunday Facials', which always includes this product and she mentioned that it is one of her CULT faves.

The product is in a glass container which gives the expensive, luxe feel and also includes a pippet for application. After use I have found my skin has become so much softer, supple and most important, hydrated! I even don't need to apply moisturiser straight away because my skin is so much more nourished than before. I definitely think this is going to slowly become a #holygrail item in my skincare routine and just hope it doesn't stop working!

What are your thoughts on this?


Saturday, 14 May 2016

L'oreal Infallible Pro Matte 24HR Foundation *REVIEW*

For a short period I was lusting after a lot of hyped foundations just to see if well, do they really live up to their claims? When this was floating around and doing the rounds on Instagram I, of course, really, really wanted to try it out BECAUSE it was a "drugstore" foundation and because of its alleged likeliness to my holy grail Estee Lauder DW foundation.

This foundation was ordered off Amazon because the UK does not have the full range of shades which are readily available in the US and since I was determined to try this an order had been made.

I ordered shade '106 Sun Beige' which is closest to my NC37 skin tone and it is a good match. This shade has a true golden undertone and there are no pink tones which can be seen to the naked eye. It is pretty much full coverage but it does state it is a medium coverage foundation. It also states it is a demi matte finish which I also agree with as it has a slight sheen on the skin, baring in mind I do have combination-oily skin. As well as this, this foundation has a very light weight feel and looks fantastic in pictures.

However, in comparison to my EL DW, it does not have the longevity that the DW provides. This foundation under heavy lights and heat will begin to appear shiny on the face but in day to day errands wears a lot nicer on the skin. Because of this, I will be sticking to my DW on days where I need my base to not move and this when I want something more casual.

My favourite part about this foundation is the shade, I love the rich golden undertone as it really mimics a true skin tone and the packaging as it comes in a squeezy tube.

What do you think of this foundation?


Friday, 6 May 2016

What's in my Make Up Bag?

Until last month I did not carry a make up bag. I would shove all my make up in a little compartment in my work bag and get flustered whenever I needed to top my make up but could never actually find anything. (It's a big, black bag and an endless cesspit of doom; I literally find rotting bananas and apples from when I've forgotten to eat them- gross, I know!)

I also never purchased one because I always wanted a cute bag with glittery accents which wasn't ridiculously priced so I forbade purchasing a cheap Primark one, much to my sisters distate. So, on a random Next shop I found this bag in question and now house all my make up for the day (p.s. I only carry all this make up when I have work and have to look presentable all day *yawn*).

I don't actually carry a lot and it does vary depending on my look that day i.e. I'll carry a black/blue/brown eye pencil if I have decided on wearing eye liner in my water line. But what I pretty much carry all the time is the following:

  1. Tom Ford Translucent Powder- Gets rid of shine but still looks radiant.
  2. MUF Aqua Matic liner in 'ME 50'(basically, a gold liner)- I carry this because when used in the water line, it instantly gives your face a boost. 
  3. The Balm 'schwing' liquid liner
  4. TF Ultra Length mascara- if my lashes are lacking I add a light coat of this as the formula is quite thick.
  5. UD concealer- best concealer for dehydrated skin!
  6. TF lipstick in Pink Dusk
  7. TF lipgloss in Tawny Pink
  8. Mac Whirl lipliner (FAVE!)
Oh, only eight items, I would've thought I carried more!

What make up do you always carry? Or which products I've mentioned have you tried?

Wednesday, 4 May 2016


I think from my previous post on my 'Most Worn Bag' post, you'll know just how obsessed I am with Zara mini bags. Actually, mini bags in general! I love being able to just take my phone, card and lip gloss and leave my house without carrying 10 million things in a larger sized bag which will only give me shoulder ache.

Since I had been using my previous bag which I purchased from Zara for well over a year now, I was in the market for a new spring/summer addition to my collection and had been searching for the past few months but could only find designer bags which were priced in the £1000's which is wayy out of budget for myself and my bank balance.

So, whilst I was on Snapchat a girl which I follow was showcasing her recent Zara finds which led to a quick Zara search and finding a plethora of mini bags from quirky to Chanel dupes to cute satchel bags. Oh, and of course I purchased not one, not two but three bags! But I justify them all by wearing the crap out of them all and for my upcoming holiday to Turkey! So, technically, I needed them haha!

Anyway, I took some pics for you all to have a look :)

This red bag is so cute and definitely has a Sophia Hulme/ The Leather Satchel Company vibe about this. And I love the scarf tied around the bag which gives a nice edge to the bag overall. It has more of a sturdier feel to the bag and I would personally wear this bag across the body or holding it as it is so tiny and quaint and I can't wait to wear it!

So it has two compartments and a phone compartment which I love and has enough room for essentials!

This bag also definitely has a Chanel vibe going on with the metal strap and the criss cross embossing. This bag is also leather which is a massive bonus because it will last longer and also has a very soft feel to the bag which I love!

This is a bag which I have been looking EVERYWHERE FOR!! And without the designer price tag!  I have seen this type of quirky bag all over the catwalks and pretty much every designer has a bag like this from Anya Hindmarch to Valentino but again I was looking for a high st addition but could not find one anywhere! Admittedly, this bag is not as good quality as the above two bags and feels slightly cheap but since it is more of a 'trend' item I have no qualms if it begins to look slightly battered after wear because I like a more worn in look.

As you can see this is the most spacious of all bags so you can shove pretty much anything in there! I am very happy with my purchases and can't wait to style them soon!

What are your favourite bags or new finds?!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Tom Ford Soleil Collection - Bicoastal Blush

"The first true luxury brand of the twenty first century".

Tom Ford never does subtle, he really is the connoisseur of all thing grand and resplendent. He never fails to make a statement and in doing so has created a whole make up brand which allows us, his followers and admirers to also create that statement look with all of his products.

The key product today is this stunning blusher called 'bicoastal'; a true pink which is actually perfect for Spring. I literally have been reaching for this EVERY time I apply my make up as the bottom shade gives the perfect sheen on the cheeks and the perfect amount of pink (see my Instagram: Sakinahsays). Admittedly, I do apply a tad more than usual because I adore the flushed spring pink look and because this product isn't as pigmented as the regular blush line you can wack your brush in the palette and go crazy! 

The above shade appears like a highlighter on my skin tone and is the most beautiful pink highlight with a small undertone of blue which comes through every so lightly on my medium skin tone.

Nonetheless, this is the perfect blush duo for this Spring and is also travel friendly for any upcoming holidays! I will definitely be taking this with me on my trip to Turkey as it's so portable and cute!

What are your recent discoveries?

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Stuck in a rut..

It is currently a Thursday afternoon at precisely 2:30pm on a beautiful Spring day and yet I have never felt so stifled and stuck in a rut as I do now. The constant 'what if?' game has been running through my mind as of late and I can't help but keep thinking of when you get you wanted and not necessarily what you needed at the time and now the allure has rubbed off and you ponder why and what if? (longest sentence, I know.) Have I wasted all this time doing nothing? Were my parents right all this time? Probably..most bloody likely!

I remember when I was back at University, I had such ambition and drive and I don't know where that has dissipated nowadays. I feel lacklustre, disjointed and in a stump. I know everyone feels like this every now and then but as a 23 year old girl I am known to dramatise and theatrically over think and not actually do anything about it but. of course tell anyone and everyone who seems remotely interested!

However, in order to avoid feeling like this, I have set myself 5 goals to achieve to overcome this feeling.

  1. Exercise- Whenever I work out I feel SO much better. Physically and mentally; not only do you stimulate your body upon exercising, your body releases 'happy' or 'feel good' endorphins. I haven't been to the gym for nearly a month and with my at home running machine sitting right across from me, I need to jump back on it! (after writing this)
  1. Wake up telling yourself to be positive- I always say you put more energy in being in a bad mood and grumpy all day! Think of all you do have and those who have less than you.
  1. Wake up early- You get more done in the day which in turn makes you feel a lot happier.
  1. Actively doing what makes you happy- Whether that is dancing, singing or writing or taking photographs just do it. Who cares what everyone else thinks?
  1. Change- If you are not happy with how you look like, what your doing, your job. Seek to change that. Nobody else is going to do it for you, so you might as well start now!

I hope you have enjoyed todays write up. I was going to write another post on spring or something beauty related but whenever I write on how I'm feeling I always feel a sense of release and catharsis. Have you experienced feeling low and how did you change that feeling around?


Sunday, 3 April 2016

My Current Makeup Crushes!

  • Bobbi Brown Eye Cream- A lightweight yet thoroughly moisturising eye cream for early mornings or pesky dry lids! Much more hydrating than the Kiehls or Clinique eye creams!
  • Bobbi Brown 'Full Coverage Face Brush'- A do it all brush. Literally swipe away at your face with this brush and your left with a flawless complexion. You could probably use this with your eyes closed and still look amazing!
  • Estee Lauder DW- Another full coverage, easy foundation. A foundation which you can slap it on and not bother about it as it does not budge!
  • Tom Ford Lip gloss 'Tawny Pink' - my favourite peachy pink lip gloss, I am a self confessed lipgloss junkie!
  • Tom Ford Translucent Illuminating Powder- A mattifying yet illuminating powder which can be dusted over during the day to combat the shine which doesn't cling to dry parts and still gives the glow! Also comes with a handy brush and looks ever so beautiful in ones handbag!
  • Stila Liquid Lipstick- A purple hued shade which I cannot wear alone as I will resemble an alien so I pair it with my Mac whirl lip liner and the TF lip gloss.
  • UD Concealer - review here :)
  • ABH Pomade- my go to at the moment for my brows. I use this with a Sigma angled brush and I'm left with full brows to complement my face.
  • Tom Ford Sahara Haze e/s palette- review here :)
  • Dior Flawless Foundation- review here :) My favourite lightweight foundation for day to day wear.
  • Shu Uemora eye lash curlers- A cult favourite amongst make up artists and after wasting money on cheaper alternatives you can really see the difference with these!
  • Nyx blush- A warm pink which brightens my face and looks very springy.


Friday, 1 April 2016

My Most Worn Bag - ZARA mini bag!

Since forever, I have been OBSESSED with mini bags, way before it became a trend *says every girl, yawn haha*. I find them so versatile and cute but most importantly, they do not hurt my shoulders. I actually hate carrying larger bags simply because I like my arms to be free haha!

I have been wearing this bag pretty much everywhere; from when I'm out with my friends, to work or even grocery shopping. It makes every outfit look that little bit more trendy and put together. As well as this, you can dress this bag up and down i.e. I find this bag looks good when I am wearing a casual outfit and a more formal outfit and I think that it's because of the size. It is small and quaint and because of the croc design it mimics a lot of higher end brands like Dior which a lot of passer byers have commented BUT it is from good ol' ZARA .

I have recently discovered ZARA now have a section for 'mini bags', under the 'Bags' category so you can easily find these little bags on their website. What's more is the quality of this bag is good, I believe I paid around £30 for this and I have had this bag for just under a year and it is still in good shape. I can also fit so much in there and I am just in love and also on a hunt for a new mini bag!

What's your favourite fashion disovery?

Saturday, 26 March 2016

My Glitter + Pigment Collection! MAC¦ VIOLET VOSS¦ ILLAMASQUA¦ MAKEUPGEEK...

Every now and then, I'll go through my pigment and glitter drawer and just swatch them and all feel like a kid in a candy store. They are just so beautiful and alluring, I just wish I had the balls to wear them on everyday. I say that only because whenever I wear glitter, I actually feel amazing, perhaps it's the little girl in me, but I just love all things glittery and sparkly!

My favourite pigment to wear is the MakeUpGeek pigment in 'birthday wish', I have a look on this here :) I love the shade, the way it blends and the pigmentation is amazing!

I also love the Illamasqua glitter in 'fervent', a stunning duo chrome glitter with hue of red and blue throughout which you can see here in an in depth review.

Another favourite and STATEMENT glitter is the Violet Voss glitter in 'copperdelia', which is the most light reflecting, intense glitters I own. You could probably see this glitter a mile away! To see this in action, I actually have a full video using this below :)

I also recently purchased these Mac pigments in 'teal' and 'golden olive', I am yet to try them, but I do believe that Mac are one of the bests for glitters and pigments as you get a lot of product which could quite literally last you a lifetime. I have swatches below and will be creating looks with both shades soon :)

Which pigments or glitters have you tried? Which are your favourites?

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