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Monday, 25 January 2016


Never has a word been uttered between the two of us. "US", I write, not even with hope but with dismay...

A shock to my system.

Stolen glances, smouldering looks given over the shoulder,

Batting of the eyelids whenever eye contact is made.

A shameful revelation..

But the mind still wanders,

The heart continues to beats,


And the body still yearns,


Expecting more and more..

You try to resist,

But you reach and reach until there is nothing, NOTHING to reach towards.

That is it.

An anti climax. There is nothing to gain, fruition you will never obtain.

So walk on, and smile in the face of your downfall as life continues to live, laugh and love.


Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Isn't it crazy how I don't have any heeled shoes AT ALL?!

Since my teenage years, (I am 23 years old now), I have always wore flats or trainers. I always thought I was too tall to wear heels since I am 5 ft 7 but ever since I started working, I feel as if heels make an outfit slightly more polished, a bit put together and classier.

The heels I have chosen below are not extremely high heels or uncomfortable to wear. When I started working and it was compulsory  to wear heels it was bitter sweet. I loved the way my tiny baby heels made me look, haha but hated the way they made me feel and let me tell you, heels RUIN your feet if you wear uncomfortable heels. So, starting small is important and this is the stage I am at now as well. As a result, I have chosen a few heels below from ASOS.com as I love this website. It's easy to use and houses many brands.

I found these gems on the site (link here) and they are such a staple in ones wardrobe. That special, snazzy pair that will make any basic outfit POP! They are a mid heel, well they all are haha with an around the ankle strap which will make sure your foot stays in the damn shoe! My foot has literally come out of my shoe SEVERAL times while walking down the street, IN TOWN and yes, embarassment was an understatement of how I felt hahaha!

I also found this pair which are also a great nude pair and are quite casual but will give you an extra few inches and give a slimming effect, which I have recently discovered, how heels have this magical ability to shed a few pounds of yourself! (link here)

Last are the black version of the nude pair and I think I prefer these to the nude pair. They are a classic black heel which will be uber comfortable and great for those who want to incorporate a heel in their outfit whether it be in your work or casual outfits as you can really dress a classic black heel up or down. (Link here).

Now all I have left to do is beg my brother to purchase all three for me as a belated birthday gift haha!

Thank you for reading. xx

Friday, 8 January 2016

Winter Skincare Routine for COMBINATION SKIN.

Before Winter trembled upon us and ever so kindly graced its wrath upon us with treacherous rain and stormy winds, I knew I needed to switch up my skincare routine before the weather wreaked its havoc upon my skin.

As somebody who has sensitive/combination/acne prone skin, I am always trying to find products that work for me and which will help other girls who have similar skin concerns. My skin is mostly dry on my forehead and oily on my nose and chin area as well as this, I also have large pores next to my nose. 

If you have read my blog for quite a while, you will know that I am really into skincare because it lays the foundation for make up and allows me to be confident when I decide to not wear make up. Moreover, I recently stumbled upon REN's website after reading Lisa Eldridge's recommendations for effective brightening ingredients in skin products and anything Lisa says goes in my opinion! She is actual goals haha! As a result of this I remembered how much I loved their clay cleanser (review here) and since they had 30% off I decided to pick up a few products!

I purchased the REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial which instantly energises and rejuvenates the skin through the use of the Vitamin C within this product. If you suffer from quite a dull, grey complexion this product is incredible. It's a nice little pick me up which actually works and results are instant! Also, after using this you get instant baby soft skin!

As well as this I also added the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask- this is incredible for dry skin as it deeply exfoliates AND hydrates at the same time leaving radiant skin, which is much needed in winter. I leave this on for the recommended 10 minutes and my skin is visibly dewier and fresh.

Another REN product I picked up was the "ClariMatte, Invisible Pores Mask", which I use when I have worn makeup for a few days and just want something to deeply cleanse my skin. I also use this when my skin is looking a bit worse for wear and greasy as this product leaves the skin matte and shrinks the pores. I like to use this mask in the mornings before I apply my makeup as it leaves a squeky clean base for any make up you wish to apply.

Last but not least, is the Bobbi Brown 'Hydrating Eye Cream. I have become obsessed with eye creams, out of no where, just out of the blue because I do not want to see lines under my eyes when I wear concealer! It used to be the BANE of my life, but alas, not any more, and I do believe it is because I use this product religiously mornings and evenings and it hydrates the under eyes immensely. Also, I do think a good concealer is needed (AKA Urban Decay Naked Concealer). But I am impressed with this eye cream for once as I have tried so many and finally found a good one. It isn't amazing but does exactly what it says. Hydrates. Which is what I need. Lol.

Anyway, all of these products combined have left my winter, dry skin feeling and looking a lot radiant and dewier and these are all of the products which have helped me along the way.

Thank you for reading x


Sunday, 3 January 2016

Additions to my MakeUp Routine!

I have recently (well, the last few months) been using these products in my "everyday "work" makeup' routine, I say that in quotation marks because I choose to not wear make up on my day off. When working in a fast paced environment, where it is constantly quite warm i.e. I sweat a lot at work (T.M,I I know haha) I need make up to stay on ALL day and to look presentable ESPECIALLY in front of demanding and annoying customers lol.

As a result, I pirchased the above and these few products have been working amazingly well for my weird, combination and sensitive skin.

Firstly, the BareMinerals 'Blemish Ready' Powder Foundation is fantastic as a setting powder after I have applied my make up as it allows my makeup to stay on longer and gives a matte yet natural finish, It also contains ingredients which are beneficial to those whom suffer from acne or whom are prone to breakout aka MOI! It also has a nice witch hazely smell that I love. The only gripe I have is the packaging, it has a sifter in built so after turning it upside down and slapping the back, is when the product dispenses and then with using a buffing brush are you then ready to buff onto the face. I would prefer this in a compact version. P.S. it is nice day to day by itself as well.

Secondly,is the MakeUp Forever Aqua Pencil which I use in the water line, it is a nice alternative to nude pencils in the water line and this stays on all day and makes your eyes sparkle even with just mascara. This would be perfect for those with watery eyes as this is designed to stay put when under water.

Thirdly, this Urban Decay Naked Concealer is so, so good. I am obsessed! It is just like my favourite Mac Prolongwear concealer but with a lighter consistency. It stays on all day and gives the illusion of 8+ hours of sleep!

The Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Foundation Brush is all I have been using the last few months, I don't even use my beauty blender any more, This brush gives THE fastest foundation application ever so is an absolute MUST if your every running late anywhere. I love this brush so much lol.

And last but not least are my Shu Uemora Eye lash curlers, they do wonders to the lashes. The best one out there. I always used cheaper curlers, primark, superdrug etc but this curler gives a lift to the lashes like no other. It is truly the best. Get it, you'll love it.

And on that note thank you for reading and if you've tried any of these let me know x

Friday, 1 January 2016


Happy New Year to my followers and readers of my Blog! I pray this year shall be a positive and productive year to you all!

Now that's out of the way I thought I'd kick start 2016 with a facelift for my little ol' blog! I have been wanting to do this since the beginning of last year and I just bit the bullet and went ahead with doing so! I am  ecstatic with how it looks, it's simple, classy and timeless which is exactly how i wanted it to be! What do you guys think?

But, onto the post itself, 'My Makeup Geek Collection'. If you know me, you will know how obsessed I am with MakeupGeek cosmetics. I am always wearing her eye shadows and raving to anyone who will listen, just how amazing her products are! 

Marlena, an American Youtuber turned business woman and entrepreneur was one of the first 'YouTubers', to create make up videos online but also to create her own make up line which is accessible to the everyday make up lover. Her prices are so affordable but the quality is that of a high end product. 

Initially, to be able to purchase her perfectly created products one had to simple order of her website, www.makeupgeek.com, but if you was from the UK, occasionally one would have to pay for customs which is always a pain in the arse, but now my loves, BeautyBay.com stock them on their UK website! WOOHOOO! As a result, I picked up two more of her 'foiled' eye shadows, 'Flame', a coppery red shade and 'Grandstand', a champagne pink with a super glossy finish. I have been wearing 'Grandstand', pretty much every day after lusting for this shade for so long especially after watching 'MannyMUA' and 'PatrickStarr' of YouTube use this shade recently in their current videos.

Anyway, below is a picture of my collection so far. They are all neutral shades because these are the colours I feel comfortable wearing everyday.

Top left: Creme Brulee, Cupcake, Latte, Cocoa Bear, Bitten.
Bottom Row: Cosmopolitan, In The Spotlight, Flame and Grandstand.

Also, her eye shadows are priced at £5 for her regular eye shadows i.e. mattes or shimmers and foiled eyeshadows are priced at £7. They blend like a dream and you can see me using these shadows on my YouTube channel. They are quite literally cheap as chips and are the best!

Thank you for reading xx

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