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Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Isn't it crazy how I don't have any heeled shoes AT ALL?!

Since my teenage years, (I am 23 years old now), I have always wore flats or trainers. I always thought I was too tall to wear heels since I am 5 ft 7 but ever since I started working, I feel as if heels make an outfit slightly more polished, a bit put together and classier.

The heels I have chosen below are not extremely high heels or uncomfortable to wear. When I started working and it was compulsory  to wear heels it was bitter sweet. I loved the way my tiny baby heels made me look, haha but hated the way they made me feel and let me tell you, heels RUIN your feet if you wear uncomfortable heels. So, starting small is important and this is the stage I am at now as well. As a result, I have chosen a few heels below from ASOS.com as I love this website. It's easy to use and houses many brands.

I found these gems on the site (link here) and they are such a staple in ones wardrobe. That special, snazzy pair that will make any basic outfit POP! They are a mid heel, well they all are haha with an around the ankle strap which will make sure your foot stays in the damn shoe! My foot has literally come out of my shoe SEVERAL times while walking down the street, IN TOWN and yes, embarassment was an understatement of how I felt hahaha!

I also found this pair which are also a great nude pair and are quite casual but will give you an extra few inches and give a slimming effect, which I have recently discovered, how heels have this magical ability to shed a few pounds of yourself! (link here)

Last are the black version of the nude pair and I think I prefer these to the nude pair. They are a classic black heel which will be uber comfortable and great for those who want to incorporate a heel in their outfit whether it be in your work or casual outfits as you can really dress a classic black heel up or down. (Link here).

Now all I have left to do is beg my brother to purchase all three for me as a belated birthday gift haha!

Thank you for reading. xx

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