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Saturday, 13 February 2016

A False Pretence.

As the moon glistens and the sun shine
Dwindles into emptiness

And the tree branches crackle and fray
The leaves crunch and swish
You feel the ice cool winds greet you
to say

In the background you hear a fox growl
and coon
And the frost stroke your body
Limb by limb
Head to toe.

Toes curl and hairs standstill.

He then laughs
He plays
He destroys
He toys
He grins
He spins

At your dismay

At your weakness.

Your body shivers.

What a cold world.
A torturous being.

Have I caused this doing?
Is this of my doing?

A crime to feel
But why do we feel
If feeling nothing, is nothing at all...

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