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Thursday, 25 February 2016

It's All A Sahara Haze...

Every now and then I love to sport something other than a neutral shade on my eyes. I usually alternate between soft golds, coppers or rose golds. But just recently, I have fallen in love with GREEN. Yes, you heard correctly! A green eye shadow shade worn on somebody with brown eyes especially. will instantly cause brown eyes to appear more honey like and brighter. 

Also, when I say green I meant softer, olive greens for day wear but I have been know to wear a bold, emerald shade in the evening when I feel extra snazzy!

I was playing around with make up on my friend yesterday and I wanted to try a green make up look so I opted for the Tom Ford 'Sahara Haze' palette because it has slowly become my recent obsession. Even the name sounds so enticing! As you can see in the palette there is  a beige shade which actually has a hue of green which I applied in the inner corner. I then applied the grey and the deep green with gold accents in the crease and inner and outer corner and I pressed the glittery green in the centre of the eye to open the eyes on my friend. 

This palette is definitely a silent but deadly palette haha, because it doesn't necessarily look very wearable but it creates a different alternative to a brown or gold smokey eye and it does all the work for you, as all the eye shadows are buttery soft (cliche blogger analogy) and blend effortlessly!

This was the completed look and I am actually quite impressed with the overall look, it's sophisticated yet sexy which is everything this palette is.

What do you think? What are your under rated eye shadow palettes which not a lot of people rave about?

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