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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The ULTIMATE make up setting spray!!

Does your make up crack,  fade or just look completely different from how it looked in the morning DESPITE using a primer?! Well, I have the solution for you girls! It is the UD 'All Nighter' Make Up Setting Spray!

(Also guys, what do you think of my attempt at flat laying? Is that even a word lol?!)

Back to the product itself, this setting spray is absolutely amazing. I hate to be cliché, but I genuinely believe this product to be of holy grail status. Whenever I am at work my make up always ALWAYS cracks and fades away on my both sides of my chin which as you can imagine is the biggest annoyance when you just want your make up to just stay on. I would set my make up with a truck load of powder and even with a minimal amount and my foundation would always slip off.

I had heard rave reviews of these setting sprays and I have even tried the 'De slick' version of their setting spray but it didn't make any difference to the longevity of my make up. That is until I tried this spray and it genuinely makes such a difference!

I cannot recommend this product enough! What is your favourite setting spray and why? Especially for those with combination oily skin types. xx

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