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Saturday, 26 March 2016

My Glitter + Pigment Collection! MAC¦ VIOLET VOSS¦ ILLAMASQUA¦ MAKEUPGEEK...

Every now and then, I'll go through my pigment and glitter drawer and just swatch them and all feel like a kid in a candy store. They are just so beautiful and alluring, I just wish I had the balls to wear them on everyday. I say that only because whenever I wear glitter, I actually feel amazing, perhaps it's the little girl in me, but I just love all things glittery and sparkly!

My favourite pigment to wear is the MakeUpGeek pigment in 'birthday wish', I have a look on this here :) I love the shade, the way it blends and the pigmentation is amazing!

I also love the Illamasqua glitter in 'fervent', a stunning duo chrome glitter with hue of red and blue throughout which you can see here in an in depth review.

Another favourite and STATEMENT glitter is the Violet Voss glitter in 'copperdelia', which is the most light reflecting, intense glitters I own. You could probably see this glitter a mile away! To see this in action, I actually have a full video using this below :)

I also recently purchased these Mac pigments in 'teal' and 'golden olive', I am yet to try them, but I do believe that Mac are one of the bests for glitters and pigments as you get a lot of product which could quite literally last you a lifetime. I have swatches below and will be creating looks with both shades soon :)

Which pigments or glitters have you tried? Which are your favourites?


Thursday, 24 March 2016


"Are primers worth it or not? Shouldn't our foundations do all the work for us?" 

I hear many of us avid make up junkies lamenting about regarding primers. For many they simply do not add anything to the wear of foundations,but for myself, I loovee primers! They genuinely make such a huge difference to how long my make up stays on as well as a mattifying effect since I am an oily gal!

Starting with Mac Prep + Prime Face Visage SPF 50, this was actually the first primer I ever purchased and it sucked the oil off my face like no other, I won't bore you for too long since I have a post on this already here :)

The Body Shop 'Insta Blur' primer is amazing with the Illamasqua Foundation, I can wear this foundation for over 10 hours and it will look dewy and flawless all day! It is a silicone primer in that it does have a very slippery texture but it does smooth out the skin. I also like to wear this on no make up days because it leaves my skin looking very soft and "blurred".

You guys already know my love for the UD 'all nighter' Setting Spray and you can read about that here. But the MAC Fix + is amazing before and after make up as it makes your make up look natural, well, as natural as make up can look! If your make up looks too powdery then a quick spritz of this de powders (my made up word ha!) the skin and looks dewy and glowy. It also is nice to use before make up to hydrate the skin if you have drier skin as the glycerin in this product adds a lovely sheen to the skin.

The Tom Ford Illuminating Primer is great for all skin types and adds the most natural glowy finish to the skin. It is fantastic if you have drier skin as it provides supple skin. It has skincare within the product; caffeine to waken the skin, Noni to counteract any redness on the skin and Energin to give the skin a boost. (Can you tell I work for the brand yet? LOL) What's more is you are able to use this after moisturiser to give your skin a healthy glow. This is the way I prefer to use this product as I have oily skin and wearing this under make up just made me look like a mess. However, saying that, I do apply this where I have dry skin on my face and pat my foundation on top and it looks flawless hunneyy!

The MUFE Mattifying Primer has to be another product which has been hyped about but did not deliver. It doesn't actually help with keeping my skin matte at all. I actually tested using my moisturiser and my foundation compared with this primer and my foundation and to see which one helped keep me matte. I discovered my moisturiser was so much better but I am actually upset about this lol because I wanted this to work!

And last but not least is this mini LM mineral primer which I love for my mineral powder. This primer is a nice and thin consistency which helps my powder foundation stick to my skin! It does what it says and is a lovely primer!

Have you tried any of these primers? If so, what are your thoughts? Are there any primers I need to try?!


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

My Most Used Make Up Brushes! Bobbi Brown¦ Sigma¦ Elf¦ Mac¦ Real Techniques¦ Eco Tools...

Many claim that its the tools of the artist which set the stone for the canvas. A mere sweep and elegant flick of the brushes undoubtedly aids the artist in creating a master piece. But with a vast array of make up power houses, where do we begin?

Before I started delving in the forever flowing valley of beautiful and artisan brushes, I began with purchasing ELF brushes. An affordable make up brand which caters to novices and experts alike. 
Their Studio range is absolutely amazing as they give higher end brands a run for their money since they are just as soft, durable and apply make up like a dream! 

I used to use the ELF 'Powder Brush', three years ago when everyone on YouTube would use it for their foundation and I would use it everyday. It probably still is one of the best brushes I used. But the ELF brush I use often now is the 'Highlighting Brush', however, I use this to set my under eye area with a powder and I have been using this everyday!

The Real Techniques Complexion Sponge and the Eye shadow buffing brush are what I use to apply my foundation and concealer. The round topped brush fits like a glove around the inner corner of my eyes and blends like a pro!

The Sigma brushes I use are the fourth, fifth and eighth in the image above. The tapered small brush (next to Eco Tools Brush- perfect for contouring my chipmunk cheeks) is perfect for buffing eye shadow in the crease and for blending eye shadow under my eyes for a smokier look. 

The Sigma tapered face brush again is amazing for setting my under eye or even applying highlighter on my cheekbones and picks up the perfect amount of product; not too much or too less.

What's more is my favourite eye blending brush is the MAC 224 brush, a cult favourite amongst make up enthusiasts and make up artists as it does all the work for you! As well as this my ULTIMATE foundation brush is the 'Full Coverage Foundation' brush by Bobbi Brown. It leaves my make up looking flawless and poreless haha! Blends superbly and doesn't soak up all the product in the brush! I love using this for liquid and mineral foundation and it is soo soft!

Last but not least, is the dupe of the NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush. I purchased this on a whim when reading a post on Ebay dupes for high end brushes on 'my makeup and beauty blog' (I think!). It is from China and feels so soft on my cheeks and picks up the perfect amount of blush! I love it! 

But what are your favourite brushes? Have you tried any of my favourites?

Thank you for reading xx


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

BEST Long Lasting Foundation for OILY SKIN!

Is it just me or is every foundation promising 'Glowy and Dewy Skin'? We have seen catwalks upon catwalks and trends upon trends telling us 'glowy and radiant' skin is back in 'fashion', if you will, and to shun matte skin. But what about us oily gals where pretty much everything slips right off our faces?

I have the answer right here!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. A lot of people state this foundation is cakey, looks like too much make up or is not 'natural'. But it actually the no.1 foundation in the UK!

I have found this to be the most durable foundation that I have ever used. Since I work in a department store where my make up needs to be flawless for up to 9 hours I needed a long lasting, matte foundation as I get oily very quickly at work. Working under bright lights, the unnecessary heating, and the constant running around faffing over customers always would leave my skin greasy and would wear away on my chin and upper cheek area.

It goes without saying, I would actually look and feel like crap lol so I got a sample of the EL Double Wear and I am in love! I use a Bobbi Brown full coverage foundation brush and dab my Real Techniques Sponge all over my face and press in the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder to really ensure my make up DOESN'T BUDGE! And halleleujah, it doesn't haha!

But there are some thing you should know before wearing this foundation.

  1. You must exfoliate thoroughly beforehand as it does cling to dry patches. 
  2. It is quite matte looking, but don't be alarmed as once your natural oils kick in, it leaves a flawless finish.
  3. You can pour out too much product as it does not come with a pump and a little goes a loooong way.
  4. Do NOT  use a silicone primer underneath as the foundation will move around when applying.
  5. It definitely gives the appearance of foundation i.e perfected skin, it isn't a subtle foundation look at all. But it looks flawless honey!

Nonetheless, I find this foundation too look excellent for occasions and when you don't want to constantly touch up your make up. I would always touch up my make up when at work, but with this foundation I only touch up ONCE, if that as it does always look put together. 

I also use the shades, Tawny and Cashew for reference.

What do you think of this foundation? To purchase click here :)

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


'INAYAH' is a modest clothing and Hijab brand which is based in the UK and is predominately synonymous within the Muslim community or modest wearing individuals. Established in 2010, Inayah houses head scarves, modest dresses and outer wear to compliment the lifestyles of a Muslim or non Muslim woman.

In a nod towards classic and timeless designs with a touch of true luxury pieces, it is safe to say Inayah has always enticed me and assuredly others with their garments. I must admit, I have been wary of the price range they offer as they are definitely expensive. However, upon delivery I do believe you do get what you pay for as they are of amazing quality. The Silk scarves I ordered are so soft and I will definitely be wearing them for any upcoming occasions or events as they are more occasion wear as opposed to everyday wear. The Silk Chiffon scarf I purchased is a true silk chiffon material which is light and crisp and looks so elegant. I am definitely impressed and will be purchasing when they have another 25% off deal!

The scarves also arrived in white boxes and once opened where wrapped beautifully in white sugar paper which added that extra touch of luxury. I definitely recommend this brand!

Grey Silk Satin Hijab- link here 
Black Silk Satin Hijab- link here
Chiffon Silk Hijab- link here

* Will be updating with images with the Silk Satin Hijabs once worn :)


Wednesday, 9 March 2016


The Tom Ford make up line have released a new range of cream eye shadows which will be a permanent feature of their existing beauty range.

There are several shades available from natural, nude hues to bronze and even blue shimmers. The shade I had received was 'Sphinx', a highly pigmented gold cream mousee with fine, pink glitter cascading throughout.

I had initially tried this shade on my eyes but it didn't excite me enough to warrant me raving about it from the onset. Yes, it is very pigmented blah blah, but it didn't have that wow factor when I initially tried this. So, I left it sitting in my make up drawer for a few weeks.

However, all over social media this shade has slowly become THE most coveted eye shadow/cream hybrid. So I tried it again today and wore this with a chocolate/reddish matte eye shadow in the crease with a sharp wing liner and lashes of mascara. I popped the eye cream in the centre of my eyes and I much prefer the outcome this time. I think with my medium skin tone wearing the eye cream by itself doesn't flatter my skin as it appears to frost like and cheap in appearance.

Priced at £29, it is definitely a splurge item, as is all of their make up but Tom Ford truly do the best luxury make up. Also, an added bonus is this cream needs NO primer and sets to a powder finish but still has the appearance of a wet look/ high gloss eye shadow.

This is definitely a must have for lovers of rose gold eye shadows! What do you think? Have you tried this out yet?

P.S how many times have I written eye shadow!

To purchase, click here :)
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