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Thursday, 24 March 2016


"Are primers worth it or not? Shouldn't our foundations do all the work for us?" 

I hear many of us avid make up junkies lamenting about regarding primers. For many they simply do not add anything to the wear of foundations,but for myself, I loovee primers! They genuinely make such a huge difference to how long my make up stays on as well as a mattifying effect since I am an oily gal!

Starting with Mac Prep + Prime Face Visage SPF 50, this was actually the first primer I ever purchased and it sucked the oil off my face like no other, I won't bore you for too long since I have a post on this already here :)

The Body Shop 'Insta Blur' primer is amazing with the Illamasqua Foundation, I can wear this foundation for over 10 hours and it will look dewy and flawless all day! It is a silicone primer in that it does have a very slippery texture but it does smooth out the skin. I also like to wear this on no make up days because it leaves my skin looking very soft and "blurred".

You guys already know my love for the UD 'all nighter' Setting Spray and you can read about that here. But the MAC Fix + is amazing before and after make up as it makes your make up look natural, well, as natural as make up can look! If your make up looks too powdery then a quick spritz of this de powders (my made up word ha!) the skin and looks dewy and glowy. It also is nice to use before make up to hydrate the skin if you have drier skin as the glycerin in this product adds a lovely sheen to the skin.

The Tom Ford Illuminating Primer is great for all skin types and adds the most natural glowy finish to the skin. It is fantastic if you have drier skin as it provides supple skin. It has skincare within the product; caffeine to waken the skin, Noni to counteract any redness on the skin and Energin to give the skin a boost. (Can you tell I work for the brand yet? LOL) What's more is you are able to use this after moisturiser to give your skin a healthy glow. This is the way I prefer to use this product as I have oily skin and wearing this under make up just made me look like a mess. However, saying that, I do apply this where I have dry skin on my face and pat my foundation on top and it looks flawless hunneyy!

The MUFE Mattifying Primer has to be another product which has been hyped about but did not deliver. It doesn't actually help with keeping my skin matte at all. I actually tested using my moisturiser and my foundation compared with this primer and my foundation and to see which one helped keep me matte. I discovered my moisturiser was so much better but I am actually upset about this lol because I wanted this to work!

And last but not least is this mini LM mineral primer which I love for my mineral powder. This primer is a nice and thin consistency which helps my powder foundation stick to my skin! It does what it says and is a lovely primer!

Have you tried any of these primers? If so, what are your thoughts? Are there any primers I need to try?!


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