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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

My Most Used Make Up Brushes! Bobbi Brown¦ Sigma¦ Elf¦ Mac¦ Real Techniques¦ Eco Tools...

Many claim that its the tools of the artist which set the stone for the canvas. A mere sweep and elegant flick of the brushes undoubtedly aids the artist in creating a master piece. But with a vast array of make up power houses, where do we begin?

Before I started delving in the forever flowing valley of beautiful and artisan brushes, I began with purchasing ELF brushes. An affordable make up brand which caters to novices and experts alike. 
Their Studio range is absolutely amazing as they give higher end brands a run for their money since they are just as soft, durable and apply make up like a dream! 

I used to use the ELF 'Powder Brush', three years ago when everyone on YouTube would use it for their foundation and I would use it everyday. It probably still is one of the best brushes I used. But the ELF brush I use often now is the 'Highlighting Brush', however, I use this to set my under eye area with a powder and I have been using this everyday!

The Real Techniques Complexion Sponge and the Eye shadow buffing brush are what I use to apply my foundation and concealer. The round topped brush fits like a glove around the inner corner of my eyes and blends like a pro!

The Sigma brushes I use are the fourth, fifth and eighth in the image above. The tapered small brush (next to Eco Tools Brush- perfect for contouring my chipmunk cheeks) is perfect for buffing eye shadow in the crease and for blending eye shadow under my eyes for a smokier look. 

The Sigma tapered face brush again is amazing for setting my under eye or even applying highlighter on my cheekbones and picks up the perfect amount of product; not too much or too less.

What's more is my favourite eye blending brush is the MAC 224 brush, a cult favourite amongst make up enthusiasts and make up artists as it does all the work for you! As well as this my ULTIMATE foundation brush is the 'Full Coverage Foundation' brush by Bobbi Brown. It leaves my make up looking flawless and poreless haha! Blends superbly and doesn't soak up all the product in the brush! I love using this for liquid and mineral foundation and it is soo soft!

Last but not least, is the dupe of the NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush. I purchased this on a whim when reading a post on Ebay dupes for high end brushes on 'my makeup and beauty blog' (I think!). It is from China and feels so soft on my cheeks and picks up the perfect amount of blush! I love it! 

But what are your favourite brushes? Have you tried any of my favourites?

Thank you for reading xx


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