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Wednesday, 9 March 2016


The Tom Ford make up line have released a new range of cream eye shadows which will be a permanent feature of their existing beauty range.

There are several shades available from natural, nude hues to bronze and even blue shimmers. The shade I had received was 'Sphinx', a highly pigmented gold cream mousee with fine, pink glitter cascading throughout.

I had initially tried this shade on my eyes but it didn't excite me enough to warrant me raving about it from the onset. Yes, it is very pigmented blah blah, but it didn't have that wow factor when I initially tried this. So, I left it sitting in my make up drawer for a few weeks.

However, all over social media this shade has slowly become THE most coveted eye shadow/cream hybrid. So I tried it again today and wore this with a chocolate/reddish matte eye shadow in the crease with a sharp wing liner and lashes of mascara. I popped the eye cream in the centre of my eyes and I much prefer the outcome this time. I think with my medium skin tone wearing the eye cream by itself doesn't flatter my skin as it appears to frost like and cheap in appearance.

Priced at £29, it is definitely a splurge item, as is all of their make up but Tom Ford truly do the best luxury make up. Also, an added bonus is this cream needs NO primer and sets to a powder finish but still has the appearance of a wet look/ high gloss eye shadow.

This is definitely a must have for lovers of rose gold eye shadows! What do you think? Have you tried this out yet?

P.S how many times have I written eye shadow!

To purchase, click here :)

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