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Friday, 22 April 2016

Tom Ford Soleil Collection - Bicoastal Blush

"The first true luxury brand of the twenty first century".

Tom Ford never does subtle, he really is the connoisseur of all thing grand and resplendent. He never fails to make a statement and in doing so has created a whole make up brand which allows us, his followers and admirers to also create that statement look with all of his products.

The key product today is this stunning blusher called 'bicoastal'; a true pink which is actually perfect for Spring. I literally have been reaching for this EVERY time I apply my make up as the bottom shade gives the perfect sheen on the cheeks and the perfect amount of pink (see my Instagram: Sakinahsays). Admittedly, I do apply a tad more than usual because I adore the flushed spring pink look and because this product isn't as pigmented as the regular blush line you can wack your brush in the palette and go crazy! 

The above shade appears like a highlighter on my skin tone and is the most beautiful pink highlight with a small undertone of blue which comes through every so lightly on my medium skin tone.

Nonetheless, this is the perfect blush duo for this Spring and is also travel friendly for any upcoming holidays! I will definitely be taking this with me on my trip to Turkey as it's so portable and cute!

What are your recent discoveries?

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Stuck in a rut..

It is currently a Thursday afternoon at precisely 2:30pm on a beautiful Spring day and yet I have never felt so stifled and stuck in a rut as I do now. The constant 'what if?' game has been running through my mind as of late and I can't help but keep thinking of when you get you wanted and not necessarily what you needed at the time and now the allure has rubbed off and you ponder why and what if? (longest sentence, I know.) Have I wasted all this time doing nothing? Were my parents right all this time? Probably..most bloody likely!

I remember when I was back at University, I had such ambition and drive and I don't know where that has dissipated nowadays. I feel lacklustre, disjointed and in a stump. I know everyone feels like this every now and then but as a 23 year old girl I am known to dramatise and theatrically over think and not actually do anything about it but. of course tell anyone and everyone who seems remotely interested!

However, in order to avoid feeling like this, I have set myself 5 goals to achieve to overcome this feeling.

  1. Exercise- Whenever I work out I feel SO much better. Physically and mentally; not only do you stimulate your body upon exercising, your body releases 'happy' or 'feel good' endorphins. I haven't been to the gym for nearly a month and with my at home running machine sitting right across from me, I need to jump back on it! (after writing this)
  1. Wake up telling yourself to be positive- I always say you put more energy in being in a bad mood and grumpy all day! Think of all you do have and those who have less than you.
  1. Wake up early- You get more done in the day which in turn makes you feel a lot happier.
  1. Actively doing what makes you happy- Whether that is dancing, singing or writing or taking photographs just do it. Who cares what everyone else thinks?
  1. Change- If you are not happy with how you look like, what your doing, your job. Seek to change that. Nobody else is going to do it for you, so you might as well start now!

I hope you have enjoyed todays write up. I was going to write another post on spring or something beauty related but whenever I write on how I'm feeling I always feel a sense of release and catharsis. Have you experienced feeling low and how did you change that feeling around?


Sunday, 3 April 2016

My Current Makeup Crushes!

  • Bobbi Brown Eye Cream- A lightweight yet thoroughly moisturising eye cream for early mornings or pesky dry lids! Much more hydrating than the Kiehls or Clinique eye creams!
  • Bobbi Brown 'Full Coverage Face Brush'- A do it all brush. Literally swipe away at your face with this brush and your left with a flawless complexion. You could probably use this with your eyes closed and still look amazing!
  • Estee Lauder DW- Another full coverage, easy foundation. A foundation which you can slap it on and not bother about it as it does not budge!
  • Tom Ford Lip gloss 'Tawny Pink' - my favourite peachy pink lip gloss, I am a self confessed lipgloss junkie!
  • Tom Ford Translucent Illuminating Powder- A mattifying yet illuminating powder which can be dusted over during the day to combat the shine which doesn't cling to dry parts and still gives the glow! Also comes with a handy brush and looks ever so beautiful in ones handbag!
  • Stila Liquid Lipstick- A purple hued shade which I cannot wear alone as I will resemble an alien so I pair it with my Mac whirl lip liner and the TF lip gloss.
  • UD Concealer - review here :)
  • ABH Pomade- my go to at the moment for my brows. I use this with a Sigma angled brush and I'm left with full brows to complement my face.
  • Tom Ford Sahara Haze e/s palette- review here :)
  • Dior Flawless Foundation- review here :) My favourite lightweight foundation for day to day wear.
  • Shu Uemora eye lash curlers- A cult favourite amongst make up artists and after wasting money on cheaper alternatives you can really see the difference with these!
  • Nyx blush- A warm pink which brightens my face and looks very springy.


Friday, 1 April 2016

My Most Worn Bag - ZARA mini bag!

Since forever, I have been OBSESSED with mini bags, way before it became a trend *says every girl, yawn haha*. I find them so versatile and cute but most importantly, they do not hurt my shoulders. I actually hate carrying larger bags simply because I like my arms to be free haha!

I have been wearing this bag pretty much everywhere; from when I'm out with my friends, to work or even grocery shopping. It makes every outfit look that little bit more trendy and put together. As well as this, you can dress this bag up and down i.e. I find this bag looks good when I am wearing a casual outfit and a more formal outfit and I think that it's because of the size. It is small and quaint and because of the croc design it mimics a lot of higher end brands like Dior which a lot of passer byers have commented BUT it is from good ol' ZARA .

I have recently discovered ZARA now have a section for 'mini bags', under the 'Bags' category so you can easily find these little bags on their website. What's more is the quality of this bag is good, I believe I paid around £30 for this and I have had this bag for just under a year and it is still in good shape. I can also fit so much in there and I am just in love and also on a hunt for a new mini bag!

What's your favourite fashion disovery?
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