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Friday, 1 April 2016

My Most Worn Bag - ZARA mini bag!

Since forever, I have been OBSESSED with mini bags, way before it became a trend *says every girl, yawn haha*. I find them so versatile and cute but most importantly, they do not hurt my shoulders. I actually hate carrying larger bags simply because I like my arms to be free haha!

I have been wearing this bag pretty much everywhere; from when I'm out with my friends, to work or even grocery shopping. It makes every outfit look that little bit more trendy and put together. As well as this, you can dress this bag up and down i.e. I find this bag looks good when I am wearing a casual outfit and a more formal outfit and I think that it's because of the size. It is small and quaint and because of the croc design it mimics a lot of higher end brands like Dior which a lot of passer byers have commented BUT it is from good ol' ZARA .

I have recently discovered ZARA now have a section for 'mini bags', under the 'Bags' category so you can easily find these little bags on their website. What's more is the quality of this bag is good, I believe I paid around £30 for this and I have had this bag for just under a year and it is still in good shape. I can also fit so much in there and I am just in love and also on a hunt for a new mini bag!

What's your favourite fashion disovery?

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