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Wednesday, 4 May 2016


I think from my previous post on my 'Most Worn Bag' post, you'll know just how obsessed I am with Zara mini bags. Actually, mini bags in general! I love being able to just take my phone, card and lip gloss and leave my house without carrying 10 million things in a larger sized bag which will only give me shoulder ache.

Since I had been using my previous bag which I purchased from Zara for well over a year now, I was in the market for a new spring/summer addition to my collection and had been searching for the past few months but could only find designer bags which were priced in the £1000's which is wayy out of budget for myself and my bank balance.

So, whilst I was on Snapchat a girl which I follow was showcasing her recent Zara finds which led to a quick Zara search and finding a plethora of mini bags from quirky to Chanel dupes to cute satchel bags. Oh, and of course I purchased not one, not two but three bags! But I justify them all by wearing the crap out of them all and for my upcoming holiday to Turkey! So, technically, I needed them haha!

Anyway, I took some pics for you all to have a look :)

This red bag is so cute and definitely has a Sophia Hulme/ The Leather Satchel Company vibe about this. And I love the scarf tied around the bag which gives a nice edge to the bag overall. It has more of a sturdier feel to the bag and I would personally wear this bag across the body or holding it as it is so tiny and quaint and I can't wait to wear it!

So it has two compartments and a phone compartment which I love and has enough room for essentials!

This bag also definitely has a Chanel vibe going on with the metal strap and the criss cross embossing. This bag is also leather which is a massive bonus because it will last longer and also has a very soft feel to the bag which I love!

This is a bag which I have been looking EVERYWHERE FOR!! And without the designer price tag!  I have seen this type of quirky bag all over the catwalks and pretty much every designer has a bag like this from Anya Hindmarch to Valentino but again I was looking for a high st addition but could not find one anywhere! Admittedly, this bag is not as good quality as the above two bags and feels slightly cheap but since it is more of a 'trend' item I have no qualms if it begins to look slightly battered after wear because I like a more worn in look.

As you can see this is the most spacious of all bags so you can shove pretty much anything in there! I am very happy with my purchases and can't wait to style them soon!

What are your favourite bags or new finds?!

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