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Friday, 6 May 2016

What's in my Make Up Bag?

Until last month I did not carry a make up bag. I would shove all my make up in a little compartment in my work bag and get flustered whenever I needed to top my make up but could never actually find anything. (It's a big, black bag and an endless cesspit of doom; I literally find rotting bananas and apples from when I've forgotten to eat them- gross, I know!)

I also never purchased one because I always wanted a cute bag with glittery accents which wasn't ridiculously priced so I forbade purchasing a cheap Primark one, much to my sisters distate. So, on a random Next shop I found this bag in question and now house all my make up for the day (p.s. I only carry all this make up when I have work and have to look presentable all day *yawn*).

I don't actually carry a lot and it does vary depending on my look that day i.e. I'll carry a black/blue/brown eye pencil if I have decided on wearing eye liner in my water line. But what I pretty much carry all the time is the following:

  1. Tom Ford Translucent Powder- Gets rid of shine but still looks radiant.
  2. MUF Aqua Matic liner in 'ME 50'(basically, a gold liner)- I carry this because when used in the water line, it instantly gives your face a boost. 
  3. The Balm 'schwing' liquid liner
  4. TF Ultra Length mascara- if my lashes are lacking I add a light coat of this as the formula is quite thick.
  5. UD concealer- best concealer for dehydrated skin!
  6. TF lipstick in Pink Dusk
  7. TF lipgloss in Tawny Pink
  8. Mac Whirl lipliner (FAVE!)
Oh, only eight items, I would've thought I carried more!

What make up do you always carry? Or which products I've mentioned have you tried?

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