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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Is this the BEST cheap highlighter?¦ Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette REVIEW!

This Sleek 'Solstice' palette has to be one of the sought after high street highlighter in the UK and US after the likes of Jaclyn Hill, Manny MUA etc have been using this in their You Tube videos.

Here in the UK, 'Sleek', is a brand in Superdrug and Boots which have fantastic colour pay off and of course are significantly cheaper. This decadent gold packaged highlighter is indeed one of my prettier make up products I own, and one in which I purchased for the sake of owning as it is very pretty to look at. That isn't to say the four highlighters in the palette are amazing, I have just become not as obsessed with highlighter as much since I am MUCH oilier than usual and I resemble an oil slick at the end of the day.

However, below are the swatches and they are all very wearable shades despite being slightly frosty. My favourite is the peachier shade on the bottom right and then the lilac shade as it is just a very different and daring shade. What do you think? Have you tried these highlighters out yet?


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