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Friday, 28 October 2016

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil REVIEW- Cliche Bollywood Story?

A story of unrequited love. Yearning for love; albeit lost and dumbfounded. 

Every human being on this planet yearns for love, companionship, a need to be needed. A wanting to be wanted. But above all that we seek a bond. A bond which only one other person in this world will ever understand and love, flaws and all.

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PLOT: This story begins with  Ayan (Ranbir Kapoor) having an interview about love which introduces the cliche love story of Ayan meeting Alizeh (Anushka Sharma) whom is already heart broken over Ali (Fawad Khan) who ditched her and moved onto another. Ayan is slowly beginning to fall for Alizeh who then bumps into Ali and they get married. Ayan meets Saba (Aishwarya Rai), a poet who becomes his rebound girl and who leaves their relationship after falling for Ayan who is still besotted for Alizeh. Also, there is a guest appearance of Shahrukh Khan who is Saba's ex husband.

Fast forward two years, Ayan follows his singing career which leads to super stardom and bumps into Ali who informs Ayan that he is now divorced from Alizeh. Ayan finds Alizeh and she has stage four cancer and is dying. The story ends with Ayan completing his interview and singing the beautiful famous song "channa mereya mereya channa mereya mereya".

Analysis: I found this film very similiar to Ranbir Kapoor's 'Rockstar' in which he must truly feel heartbreak to be successful in his bid to becoming remotely famous. Alas, his unrequited love gets married to another and has a terminal illness which is very similiar to this film. However, I love the humour in Ranbir's character in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, it is relatable and endearing. He has a huge charm appeal in this film which adds to his emotional persona.

Anushka's role as his love interest is mediocre, I don't think her acting was amazing as well Aishwarya. She played a good seductress but again, quite mediocre.

Overall, I would say I loved Ranbir's acting and the cameo scene of Shahrukh Khan which expectedly, did cause an excited hubbub in the cinema. I liked this film and cannot fault Karan Johar's ability to cause one to cry numerous times whenever watching one of his films. I cried like a baby and it is definitely a film to watch for all my Bollywood fans or film fanatics!


Thursday, 27 October 2016

5 things working in retail has taught me...

1.) People are just so RUDE! Not all of you, but most of you are. You will be casually walking past my counter and hand me a dirty tissue or a finished drink and ask, "Do you have a bin?",
"No, I don't" I respond; because I am not a bin, I serve my customers and if they have used tissues from lipstick swatches etc I will dispose of them. But don't treat us like shit, we want to go home just as quick as you do.

2.) Common sense is definitely not common. The amount of times I have been asked, "Do you have Tom Ford Creed Aventus?",

"No, they're two different brands."

"No, I want the Tom Ford Creed Aventus"

"Ok, goodnight",I have lost the will to live. Why are people so dumb? Research before you bloody come into a department store. I don't have 'Information Point' written on my forehead".

3.) Workplace politics. I have no idea why people working on a higher floor or a higher position believe themselves to be superior. Your job is still shit and actually I wouldn't give you the time of day as well if I was outside of work.

4.) People look down on you when working in retail. Somebody has to do that job; somebody has to be a cleaner, a manager or a waiter. Just because we bend down to get you that lipstick or perfume or have to run and check the stock room to get your product does not make us inferior to you.

I once had a man sit on my counter and told me "fetch me that perfume", to which I responded with a defiant "no". Nor am I your mother or your servant. Go and "fetch" your own perfume.

5.) It actually is a hard job. Having to stand in heels for over nine hours with pristine hair and make up is a job in itself. And then of course listening to annoying customers witter on and forcing a smile to listen to your stories is hard. Replenishing stock, mini audits, checking stock etc is hard work and sometimes, just sometimes give us a break!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

When Only the Best Will Do- Game Changing Brow Gel- Tom Ford NEW!!

I have always ALWAYS loved a good brow gel!

Having quite full eye brows, (well to a European standard but not to a South Asian standard). brow gels make all the difference when applying make up. I usually apply the smallest amount of brow pencil to simply define the shape and use a brow gel to fluff  the front to mimic the appearance of a model-esque brow.

After having used the Maybelline clear mascara, which did absolutely nothing at all but simply wet my brow to using the L'Oreal Brow gel which I genuinely liked and used everyday, this brow gel is definitely a winner!

I can even wear this brow gel when I have no product in my brows as it adds density and mimics real hairs on the front of my brows! It also doesn't leave my eye brows crispy feeling and they do not budge! Definitely a game changing brow gel! This product is £35 and an be purchased fro www.selfridges.com :)

Friday, 21 October 2016


My soul had died and you arrived
Breezing by, Breathing a life into me

You showed me mercy and in solitude I
Drank your venomous poison.

Hysteria and chaos slowly became our companion
Faith we shunned and misery we

We cried for help and screamed hypocrisy

Had you betrayed me a thousand times, a
Thousand times I would have fell on my knees
For you.

And all that was discovered was all we are. are
Failed delinquents
Waiting for something that was even
Remotely real.


Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Truth About Getting A Full Body Wax inc. Hollywood Wax!

Lets be real....no woman in their right minds would ever want to apply hot wax on their bits to remove their womanly hair in all of their nether regions. BUT, what if I told you it is the best way to maintain hair..down under.

I think every woman has underwent the stages of removing hair down there for it grow back thicker and darker. Also, if you have darker hair it probably has caused discolouration down there too rendering the lady bush  garden to look worse for wear.

After speaking to so many woman about this and pretty much all of them being fascinated about full body waxes I thought I'd write this post to banish all myths and tell you the truth of it all!

  1. It really isn't that painful! I find taking a blood test more uncomfortable AND I would rather have a Hollywood wax than a blood test. Okay, a bit of an exaggeration but you get my point. However. I do understand everyone has a different pain threshold and the first time getting a wax is the worst but it does get easier each time. The worst part down there is around the labia as that is usually where the thickest hair tends to grow. 
  2. Finding the right person is very important. I would go to the same lady to get my arms, legs and underarms waxed so I was very comfortable with her. It was then that I decided to get a Hollywood wax. She made it as comfortable as it can be and each time I go I know exactly what to expect.
  3. You will have to get naked. If a Hollywood wax is what you desire then I cannot imagine a way of not getting naked from the navel down. Your beautician/wax lady will make you hold parts of your vagina taut to really get all of the hairs. Also, to do your behind you will have to go down on all fours, cringe I know, but this section actually hurts less and I actually look forward to this section of my wax session.
  4. The hair does grow back finer and the skin is softer. I cannot imagine not getting waxed especially a Hollywood wax since my skin is so much smoother without ingrown hairs or unsightly spots and marks. Even when the hair grows back it isn't as bristly or bushy as when you shave or use removal creams. The hair is just so much softer!
I really hope this post has helped! My advice to those who have a very low pain threshold is to perhaps take a paracetamol before hand to help alleviate the pain but definitely go for it! You won't regret it!


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Holding onto Summer with Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess perfume....

Now this is a fragrance that does not last...at all, but one which, I don't actually mind.

This perfume is my lazy day, running around doing errands or just lounging around the house being a slob, perfume of choice. I don't know if people even wear perfume at home, but I do, it lifts my mood and switches on my 'feel good' part of the brain.

I have lusted after this fragrance after walking through the aisles of Selfridges and smelling a distinct coconut, sweet but yet light scent in the air. I hesitated from purchasing at the onset because I had just received the TF Soleil Blanc perfume which has a similiar cocunut smell.

However, having visited the Estee lauder HQ I purchased the fragrance in the largest size (100ml RRP £40), and I am obsessed! Slightly dissapointed I hadn't picked this up during Summer, but I'm holding onto the remains of what Summer we have left with this fragrance. A happy and airy scent which leaves you positively uplifted?

What are your thoughts? And what has been your Summer scent?


Friday, 7 October 2016

A Tom Ford Xmas- Beauty edition!

The Christmas Season is upon us!

Get ready for brand new beauty launches, limited edition sets and all things sparkly and glittery!

I, for one, love Xmas especially due to the new products brands launch for all us beauty junkies. From Chanel to Dior to Tom Ford, high end to low end, all brands have something new for us all to try around Xmas. 

So, it goes without saying, Tom Ford has released a whole new LIMITED EDITION eye shadow, blusher and highlighter set, all ordained in a stunning, simple, white case with gold details. It is to be sold at £98 which is a STEAL since eye shadow palettes alone are retailed at £64 and blushers are sold at £48. 

The highlighter in the palette isn't ridiculously pigmented and actually gives a semi matte sheen on the cheeks which is even more so flattering than the usual glittery or shimmery highlighters available now. It also has a slight pink undertone which is suitable on all skin tones.

The blusher is a hot pink/peach shade which will mimic that cold flush on the cheeks from the winter season and the eye shadows are the stand out feature in the palette. I received the 'warm' palette which houses neutral brown tones as opposed to the 'cool' palette which has cooler under tones. The shadows are so soft and buttery and blend amazingly. I cannot wait to wear this!

They will also be releasing a new range of white packaged "lip foils", which are a metallic finish following from the trend of pearl / metallic lip sticks. They are extremely soft and long lasting just like all Tom Ford lipsticks. I received the shade 'sea dragon', which is exactly the one that I wanted as it is a deep, cranberry shade which has a lovely metallic sheen; nothing too frosty and rather a shine which actually plumps the lips.

The cranberry shade is the Lipstick shade. The end pink shade is the blusher shade and the shade next to that is the highlighter. The following colours are from the eye shadow palette.

What are you looking forward to try?

P.S for a full lip swatch check out www.reallyree.co.uk (forgot to take my own pics)
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