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Thursday, 27 October 2016

5 things working in retail has taught me...

1.) People are just so RUDE! Not all of you, but most of you are. You will be casually walking past my counter and hand me a dirty tissue or a finished drink and ask, "Do you have a bin?",
"No, I don't" I respond; because I am not a bin, I serve my customers and if they have used tissues from lipstick swatches etc I will dispose of them. But don't treat us like shit, we want to go home just as quick as you do.

2.) Common sense is definitely not common. The amount of times I have been asked, "Do you have Tom Ford Creed Aventus?",

"No, they're two different brands."

"No, I want the Tom Ford Creed Aventus"

"Ok, goodnight",I have lost the will to live. Why are people so dumb? Research before you bloody come into a department store. I don't have 'Information Point' written on my forehead".

3.) Workplace politics. I have no idea why people working on a higher floor or a higher position believe themselves to be superior. Your job is still shit and actually I wouldn't give you the time of day as well if I was outside of work.

4.) People look down on you when working in retail. Somebody has to do that job; somebody has to be a cleaner, a manager or a waiter. Just because we bend down to get you that lipstick or perfume or have to run and check the stock room to get your product does not make us inferior to you.

I once had a man sit on my counter and told me "fetch me that perfume", to which I responded with a defiant "no". Nor am I your mother or your servant. Go and "fetch" your own perfume.

5.) It actually is a hard job. Having to stand in heels for over nine hours with pristine hair and make up is a job in itself. And then of course listening to annoying customers witter on and forcing a smile to listen to your stories is hard. Replenishing stock, mini audits, checking stock etc is hard work and sometimes, just sometimes give us a break!

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