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Friday, 7 October 2016

A Tom Ford Xmas- Beauty edition!

The Christmas Season is upon us!

Get ready for brand new beauty launches, limited edition sets and all things sparkly and glittery!

I, for one, love Xmas especially due to the new products brands launch for all us beauty junkies. From Chanel to Dior to Tom Ford, high end to low end, all brands have something new for us all to try around Xmas. 

So, it goes without saying, Tom Ford has released a whole new LIMITED EDITION eye shadow, blusher and highlighter set, all ordained in a stunning, simple, white case with gold details. It is to be sold at £98 which is a STEAL since eye shadow palettes alone are retailed at £64 and blushers are sold at £48. 

The highlighter in the palette isn't ridiculously pigmented and actually gives a semi matte sheen on the cheeks which is even more so flattering than the usual glittery or shimmery highlighters available now. It also has a slight pink undertone which is suitable on all skin tones.

The blusher is a hot pink/peach shade which will mimic that cold flush on the cheeks from the winter season and the eye shadows are the stand out feature in the palette. I received the 'warm' palette which houses neutral brown tones as opposed to the 'cool' palette which has cooler under tones. The shadows are so soft and buttery and blend amazingly. I cannot wait to wear this!

They will also be releasing a new range of white packaged "lip foils", which are a metallic finish following from the trend of pearl / metallic lip sticks. They are extremely soft and long lasting just like all Tom Ford lipsticks. I received the shade 'sea dragon', which is exactly the one that I wanted as it is a deep, cranberry shade which has a lovely metallic sheen; nothing too frosty and rather a shine which actually plumps the lips.

The cranberry shade is the Lipstick shade. The end pink shade is the blusher shade and the shade next to that is the highlighter. The following colours are from the eye shadow palette.

What are you looking forward to try?

P.S for a full lip swatch check out www.reallyree.co.uk (forgot to take my own pics)

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