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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Holding onto Summer with Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess perfume....

Now this is a fragrance that does not last...at all, but one which, I don't actually mind.

This perfume is my lazy day, running around doing errands or just lounging around the house being a slob, perfume of choice. I don't know if people even wear perfume at home, but I do, it lifts my mood and switches on my 'feel good' part of the brain.

I have lusted after this fragrance after walking through the aisles of Selfridges and smelling a distinct coconut, sweet but yet light scent in the air. I hesitated from purchasing at the onset because I had just received the TF Soleil Blanc perfume which has a similiar cocunut smell.

However, having visited the Estee lauder HQ I purchased the fragrance in the largest size (100ml RRP £40), and I am obsessed! Slightly dissapointed I hadn't picked this up during Summer, but I'm holding onto the remains of what Summer we have left with this fragrance. A happy and airy scent which leaves you positively uplifted?

What are your thoughts? And what has been your Summer scent?


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