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Monday, 14 November 2016

RCMA No Colour Powder v. Laura Mercier Translucent Powder!

To all my oily skinned girls out there! Are you not SICK to death of just getting oilier, oilier and OILIER as the hours go on? Working in retail where there are harsh lights throughout the store and constant peoples flooding the floors, one may be partial to the sweat glands to produce an extra dose of perspiration and oil to the face!

It is because of this I am always on the hunt to improve my base make up. I feel that I have a foundation and concealer that works but my powder does not control my oils as well as it should. I use the coveted Laura Mercier 'Transluent' Powder which has a beige shade and is slightly heavier in texture compared to my new favourite RCMA No Colour Powder!

This powder is truly so fine and soft, way softer than LM and holds my oils wayyy better than the LM powder. I don't even need to top up with this powder. And the best thing about this powder is it is THREE TIMES CHEAPER THAN THE LM POWDER! The RCMA powder is £9.99 and has 85g of product compared to the LM which only has 29g of product and I have gone through three of these powders.

I can safely say the RCMA powder is better, in terms of price, texture and the amount of product you get. On the skin it does not look cakey whatsoever and does not add any colour to the skin which is what I prefer for day to day shenanigans!

SO what do you think and what powders do you use?


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