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Friday, 13 January 2017

DUPE¦ Mac Whirl Lipliner v. Primark Lipliner!

Guys I have found it, I have found it and the dupe is £1! £!! I literally am on a HUNT for all of these lip liners!

Since I'm getting ahead of myself, let me tell you what it is I'm bleating on about today! Well, I have found a very amicable dupe to my beloved Mac Whirl lip liner which has been a cult favourite of mine for years. I wear this lip liner by itself with some chap stick or, of course, with a lip stick.

However, when perusing the aisles of the Primark make up section I came across this lip liner in question, which is the exact  dupe of Mac Whirl lip liner. It is even creamier than the said lip liner all for a quid. Guys, it's a pound. The Mac lip liner retails at £13.00 and it pains me every time I have to repurchase, well not anymore because I am on a mission to hunt and find more of this Primark lip liner in 'Warm Up'. I found literally one of these in my local Primark in West Bromwich and I'm going to look for more in another Primark close to me to stock up and I recommend this to all of you!

It's crazyyyyy!!!!! The shade above is the Primark lip liner and the shade beneath is the Mac Whirl lip liner. On the lips they are identical however, the Primark liner is a lot creamier and not as drying which is why I would recommend the cheaper alternative. :)

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