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Saturday, 11 March 2017

My Update with Adult Acne (inc. pictures)

Bloody Acne!

So in my previous post, I discussed just how frustrating Acne can be and I briefly mentioned that I had simplified my skincare routine and my Doctor had recommended a 'spot cream'. The spot cream in question is called 'Epiduo 0.1% / 2.5% gel- adapalene / benzoyl peroxide'.

The first cream I was advised to try was 'Benzoyl Peroxide' which I knew I shouldn't have agreed to use because I've been given this pissy little tube so many times and it never has worked. So after a month, I went back to the Doctors and was recommended this cream in question. It is the same Benzoyl Peroxide but with Adapolene and here is what my skin is looking at this moment in time. I do not have any large infected spots but indeed, I have smaller zits scattered along my jaw and lower cheek area. I also have large areas of hyper pigmentation and discolouration which is slowly fading.

(Pic of skin now)

I am yet to book another appointment but when I do, I would like to use oral tablets next as I have read that this is a much effective alternative and I do remember my Doctor mentioning that this may be another resort to aiding my acne. But let me know if you are enjoying these 'Acne Update' posts and if you have any recommendations :)

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