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Sunday, 4 June 2017

My Obaji Radiance Blue Peel Review¦ Destination Skin¦ Birmingham

As you've noticed my blog has taken a skincare/ updated skin care routine direction. I have always tried to get clear skin but my skin always decides what it wants to do itself. I have chopped and changed my skin care products/routines and maintained certain products that have worked i.e. the Sunday Riley UFO oil.

Since arriving back from my brief holiday to Dubai, my skin cleared up considerably and I decided to start treatments at Destination Skin. They are a high street clinic with over 18 clinics in the UK and primarily cover laser hair and skin treatments.

During my consultation I discussed my concerns and was given certain products to use which I will discuss in an upcoming post and was then suggested peels which would work for my skin acne prone/ sensitive skin. One peel in question was the 'Obaji Radiance Blue Peel', which I underwent a few weeks ago.

This peel promises, "Brightens | Anti-ageing | Tightens lines & wrinkles | Clears Acne  
Superficial exfoliation reduces pore size & improve complexion, the ideal treatment for acne prone or sun-damaged skin. The star ingredient, Salicylic acid (BHA), deep cleans even the most clogged pores.

Upon arrival, I was taken into a room and was told to lie upon a bed and my skincare was removed off my face and protective glasses which covered my eyes were applied. Salicylic acid was distributed upon my face, continued with a slight scratchy substance and then heat was somehow utilised and dispensed over my face.

The whole process lasted 30 minutes and was mildly uncomfortable. After the procedure an SPF was applied to my face and my skin did look radiant. I was told that the downtime for this procedure was three days for any peeling which would occur but I stand defiantly and would argue a week downtime is required.

I didn't get peeling but instead I experienced excessive dryness and the feeling of tight skin. After a few weeks my skin does look better but my skin was already clearing up befre this process. I wouldn't recommend this as the finish isn't drastic enough to warrant a £95 charge. I have inserted some pictures below but silly me I hadn't taken any images directly before the peel.

What do you think and have you ever had a peel before?


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