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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Falling back in love with makeup...

For a long while, I have fell out of love with make up. Maybe because of my skin being so sensitive, oily and acne prone I resented wearing make up. I lost my creativity and found it a chore having to apply it every day for work.

I have found having a positive mentality to work, family and my social life and not seeing everything with my negative Nancy glasses my overall health and well being has improved. My stress levels have significantly reduced and my skin hasn't been breaking out so much and

Whenever I come back from work I remove my make up straight away which helps my skin recover from wearing make up all day. As well as this, my 'everyday makeup' is very minimal with a small amount of foundation and concealer. I would always apply so much just to cover everything including my beauty spots and i would find when removing all of my make up I didn't like the look of my face without my makeup.

Makeup now is seen as an enhancement in my eyes and since I have been wearing less make up, whenever there is an occasion to glam up I enjoy the process so much more. I recently went to a friends wedding and this was the first time I enjoyed glamming myself and also the first time i wore a 'full face' of makeup this year!


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