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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Get Long lashes FAST!

It seems everyone's quest in the beauty world is to have clear skin, long lashes and that dreaded word 'contour'to be on fleek!

I haven't tackled the former or the latter but I may have resolved my somewhat sparse lashes into a fuller, thicker and longer appearance. 

I first started to use this eyelash serum at the beginning of this year after watching a Pixiwoo video and being amazed at Nic's eyelashes whom she credited LiLash for the results. Since I had always wanted to try an eyelash serum to see if they were a gimmick or not, I ended up making a purchase and being hooked every since.

On their website there is an option for a 3 month supply of the serum or a 6 month supply, I've chosen the 3 month supply and from February it lasted me until August/September and it is only now I've repurchased. It is £60 so definitely on the pricier side but it does last a very long time.

Initially, I applied it on the lash line every night as that is what is directed on the packaging, however, this caused my eyes to become reddened during the day. I then went on to apply this every other night and proceeded to apply this twice or thrice during the week.

Results came about during my third week and since using this I have people complimenting my lashes and asking what I use hence this post. I've even stopped becoming so reliant on false lashes on a night out because it's so much less headache to just coat my lashes with a bit of Maybelline mascara!
 If your interested, definitely check it out here https://www.lilash.com/product/lilash/  you won't regret it :)

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