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Thursday, 16 November 2017

THE TRUTH ¦Sehra Nabil ¦ QS Organics Hair Oil Review

Hair Loss is one of those tragedies in life pretty much everyone experiences; some earlier or later than others, but something which everyone will in one way or another go through.

It can be caused by many reasons; due to ones genes, lack of hair care, too much washing which has resulted a dry scalp and ultimately dandruff which also is a main reason for hair loss. 

I personally have had dandruff for a while due to a lack of care, not enough regular oiling of the scalp and tying my hair quite tightly under my hijab. I heard of this brand "QS Organics", through a friend and consequently went on to add her on Snapchat and ordered a bottle via Snapchat as this is where she processes transactions. (Follow 'QS Organics' on Instagram).

Upon receiving the oil, I did think it was quite small as it looked a lot larger in pictures but nevertheless it didn't hinder me in trying it out as I was desperate for results. I had had hair loss on my right side of my head which is the side I would sleep on as well as my hairline. 

It's recommended to mix with an egg white and I would mix one egg white with about two tablespoons of the oil and apply twice a week. The smell is quite mentholy but nothing offensive and I would leave it anytime between 30 minutes to 4 hours, but no more than 6 hours which is what is also recommended. 

It wasn't until after my third use when my sister was styling my hair, and I was about to tell her to use her colour hair spray for my hair line to disguise my irregular hairline that I noticed I didn't need to! My hairline was full and I had NEW babyhairs! I was ecstatic and I have consequently finished the bottle and cannot praise the oil enough! My hair doesn't fall out and resemble a cat whose coughed up hair balls at the bottom of the shower and whenever I do have a shower the plug isn't covered with hair! I literally have the smallest hair fall I've ever experienced AND the ends of my hair isn't rough and brittle and instead soft and smooth. 

I am shocked by how well this works when I was so pessimistic that something could work so well. I've even got my siblings and parents onto this oil! 

I would 100% recommend this oil. It is priced at £29.50 and hope the creator Sehra opens a website to make ordering easier. I also haven't uploaded a before and after as I obviously am a veiled woman lol :P

P.S. for girls who wear an under cap under their hijab wear it quite further back, about 3 quarters away from your hair line as this has also helped with growth upon my hair line :)

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